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How much does a humidifier

How much does a humidifier

In the current environmental conditions presence of humidifier in the apartment becomes more urgent.

Today, the electronics marketIt presents a large number of such devices, which differ in the technology used create steam, the working area and the presence of additional functions.

The cheapest

The price of the cheapest air humidifiers canstart from 500 rubles. The most inexpensive devices have low power and thus can deal with humidification only a small area of ​​10 square meters. m. Among these devices features include the ability to change the air flow rate. These products moisturize the premises with the help of ultrasound. Among the companies that manufacture these devices, it may be noted Timberk, Marta, NeoTec, Maxwell. In some models, is a function of air ionization.

When choosing a cheap moisturizer should pay attention to customer reviews, and the rated power unit.

Humidifiers from 1000 p.

During 1000 r. humectant can acquire a large volume reservoir and a higher capacity. The most high-quality products will be able to provide air space up to 50 square meters. m, which is well suited for small offices and apartments. Most devices in this price category operate on the basis of ultrasound. Some of them (for example, ZENET) are functions ionization air cleaning. Part of devices equipped with an ultraviolet lamp. The more expensive devices are able to run on the clock on and off by the built-in timer.

Humidifiers from 3000 p. and higher

Humidifiers upper price category will go tolarge, dirty rooms with high dryness. In this price range you will find devices from companies such as LG, Scarlett, Philips, Panasonic, Bort. The difference of this category of devices is enhanced breathability, the presence of all sorts of extra features, design and options for warranty service. Most devices filtered air and have removable filters, electronic display, and some have a touch-sensitive keys.

The price of some moisturizers can exceed 40 000.

Selection of price category

The best choice for most of the apartments arebecome vehicles priced above 1000 r., which fully provide the necessary level of humidity of the room. If your home is located near the road in the contaminated area of ​​the city, should pay attention to devices that have a large area of ​​moisture in comparison with others. Do not select the device, which can cost less than 1000 p., Without prior consultation with experts and examining the comments of other users. The cheapest phones presents little-known firms, produces low-quality devices.

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