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How much is a suburban area

How much is a suburban area

Land remains one of the most favorable sites for the investment of money because the price of land remains stable high.

In addition, recently there has been increasing interest in them by the urban residents who want to buy land for cottage construction.

The cost of suburban area depends on many factors, including and random.

What determines the cost of suburban area

One of the most important criteria for determining,how much will it cost the country site is its location. The closer it is to the city and to the road or railway line, the price will be higher. Furthermore, importance is also what utilities already summed thereto and even some scheduled. The site, which already has a well or borehole, which is supplied with electricity or gas, will cost several orders of magnitude more expensive than empty land on which there is no communication. However, such sites are almost no, for cottage building already offered those on which there are at least electricity.

For the construction of a country house is better to buy land with the purpose "for individual housing construction," in which case the supply of communications at the expense of the budget.

Another important criterion is the areaarea and the presence on it of buildings. If you acquire suburban area, which will already be a major house, of course, that the presence of this structure, too, will increase the cost of land in times. The value is influenced by parameters such as ecology and environment in the area, remoteness from major industrial and chemical plants. In addition, the price of land may depend on the data of geodetic and geotechnical surveys and studies. They allow you to determine the possibility of building a house a certain number of stories and how closely spaced water-bearing layers.
In addition to these objective criteria, the cost ofsite and will be determined by whether it is sold without intermediaries, and even how fast it is necessary to sell the owner. It affects the price and the current at a given time demand for land.

Acquiring suburban area, pay attention to the quality and fertility of the land, because to give it especially important.

The cost of summer cottages in the Moscow region

Traditionally, throughout the country, summerareas in the suburbs and on the Black Sea coast are the most expensive. In Moscow, for example, the cost is highly dependent on the direction. The most expensive Gorky refers, in this area the number of sites worth less than one million rubles is about 25%, while the Dmitrov direction can only offer 0.5% cheap villas of the total number of sites.
However, in Rublevskoye, Novorizhskoe, Ilyinskyhighway and does not sell below cost dachas million rubles. In rare instances presented on such sites and Leningrad, Minsk, Kiev and Mozhaiskom directions. Over one million rubles you can buy only the land on which there are no buildings.

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