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How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost?


How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost?</a>

Miniature breeds of dogs have recently becomeVery popular - such a "pocket" friend without any problems can be kept in the apartment, take along on the road. Chihuahua, because of the characteristics of the breed and its calm nature, in this regard are the ideal option.

But, if you decide to get a puppy, do not expect that it will cost you cheap, this Mexican dog is one of the most expensive.

What determines the cost of Chihuahua puppies

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The price of chihuahua puppies consists of manyFactors and can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. In addition to the regalia of parents, which are a guarantee of the thoroughbredness and prospects of their offspring, the location of the nursery also has an important role, for example. So, the most expensive puppies, other things being equal, in Moscow, in the regions, you can get a thoroughbred puppy from elite producers almost twice cheaper, however, this is due to quite objective reasons.
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The cost of the puppy is affected by its exterior, i.e. Quality litter, as well as sex. So the most expensive show-class puppies are sold from 1500 to 3000 $ - girls and from $ 1000 to $ 2000 - boys. A puppy of a breed class can be bought for $ 800-1200, a pet-class for $ 250-800, and those who for some reason got into culling will cost from $ 250 to $ 700.
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In the event that you will be offered a dog,The cost of which will be much lower, keep in mind that the high price of the puppy is not due to the desire of the breeders to get rich on your money, at best, they only pay back their costs of breeding these dogs.
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Why chihuahua puppies are so expensive

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For the breeder, the cost price of the puppy, completelyThe breed conforms to the standards of the breed and the person who was subjected to rejection is the same. A puppy without a pedigree still gets the proper care and all the necessary vaccinations. Those. To expect that it will cost a penny, it is impossible, the breeder spends as much energy and care on him as on the other puppies in the litter.
You should consider what is included in the cost priceThese puppies to understand that such a cheap dog can not cost. Do not forget that a high-breed bitch, the mother of puppies, is worth a lot, money is spent on her proper feeding and education, and also on participation in exhibitions. They, especially when held in other cities and even countries, are also quite costly. When a bitch is prepared for mating, she is supposed to be in good shape, not to have any health problems, by the way, the same applies to the male dog, for which the owner of the bitch pays.
Now consider the costs of maintenance and carePregnant females, veterinarian services during childbirth, care and maintenance of the whole family for the next two months. Puppies from three weeks are fed not only milk, but also lure, for which only quality products are used: steamed veal, fresh sour-milk products, special quality feed for puppies, vitamins. Include in the cost price and the price of compulsory de-worming, branding of litter, processing of documents. Now you understand that the high cost of a puppy is quite justified, but keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of money for its worthy maintenance, that's why you really appreciate your financial capabilities.

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