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How much are the sapphires

How much are the sapphires

Sapphire - a gem variety of corundum. Argued that the sapphire - stone blue.

However, this is not so, the sapphires can be a variety of colors and shades, which affects their value.

Stone corundum has a rich color palette, which includes all the colors of the rainbow. Red corundum is called ruby. All other colors - sapphire variety.
Sapphire has high strength and is second in hardness only to diamond. For his splendor and variety of colors, this stone is very appreciated among the royal families.
Saphira, and is credited with medicinal properties. It is believed that it can cure eye disease, insomnia, spinal pain, heart disease and even cancer.

What are sapphires and how much they cost

The most valuable is considered sapphire cornflower blue. Its color is so pure that it is difficult to say, dark blue or light color before your eyes. Depending on the processing method cornflower sapphire cost ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000 per carat. Stones without thermal heating are valued much more of their value exceeds $ 1,000 per carat.
Another valuable views of the sapphire is a sapphire"Padparadzha". Its color is a mix of shades of pink, purple and orange. this stone cost about $ 130 per carat. But with the amount exceeding five carats, the stone is considered to be collector's item. Its price rises sharply, reaching $ 30 thousand. Per carat.
Yellow sapphire stone, depending on the treatment may be light or deep golden yellow hue. Price for such a sapphire color ranges from $ 100 to $ 120 per carat.
Very unusual sapphire green. The fact that its color is not pure green. This thin streaks of blue and yellow. Alternating and refracted, they create the illusion of a green color. The cost of green sapphires starts at $ 75 per carat.
The cost of sapphire depends not only on theircoloring. Of poor quality material produce carved sapphires, and at the lack of transparency made stone sapphire dome shape. These stones are the budget option, the cost is $ 10 - $ 20 apiece.

The most expensive sapphire in the world

The most expensive sapphire in the world is"Millennium". This precious stone weighing 61.5 thousand. Carats worth $ 185 million. On its surface carved portraits of famous historical figures. The world has seen "Millennium" only twice: at the ceremony "Oscar" in 2002. and on the liner "Sapphire Princess" in 2004.
Blue sapphire "Giant of the East", weighing 486.5 carats was found in the central part of Sri Lanka. In 2004. its cost was estimated at $ 1.5 million.

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