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How much are the medals of the 2013 Universiade

One set of three medals cost the treasury 13 thousand 687 rubles

The most notorious incident occurred at the Universiade in Kazan, was associated with medals.

Just two athletes - Russian champion Azamat Laipanov and bronze medalist from China Tian Qin - dropped their awards, breaking them.

Although the organizers quickly brought the equivalent duplicates, the precipitate is called, remained.

After Laipanov and Tian Qin defeated not just a coin, and a part of the Universiade budget 9038 rubles for two.

How many countries in the world?

At the Games in Kazan it was recorded set of record results. For example, the number of participants, the program and the types of sports played out in their medals.
As the tournament statistics, itattended by 117,759 athletes from 162 countries. 351 A set of medals for excellent performance in the 27 species in the end went to the representatives of 70 of them. More precisely, all these athletes have won medals in 1218 with the words in English, "You - a world" of 3014 cooked. Including 353 gold, 351 silver and 514 bronze.

gold reserve

Medals, awarded to athletes who, alas,accidentally broken, it is permissible to call precious. Indeed, in St. Petersburg, they not only cast out quite expensive alloy of copper and nickel, and covered every six grams of gold, silver or bronze. So that the value of each award made virtually by hand, really it was very high.

The head of the executive directorate of the Games VladimirLeonov called the total cost - 228 billion rubles. What it turned out to be a 72 billion more than previously announced president of the International University Sports Federation Claude-Louis Gallien.

By the way, the question, "How much can it cost?"Specialists responded to within ruble. According to them, one gold medal cost the organizing committee in 5793 rubles, silver - in 4649 rubles and a bronze - in 3245 rubles. Interestingly, and what it is: stand on the podium with nearly six thousand in the neck?

And not just a medal

As is known, the total cost of the coin,won at the stadium a professional (at the Universiade and acted a lot of it is professional athletes-students, especially Russian), it is possible to enable and bonus. Exactly the cash and other rewards, which, after completion of the tournament begin to pour on the champion and the other winners.
And how many of those same student triumphercompetitions such nice bonuses to get, hard to say. After all, here also includes the premium from the region and the city, home to the athlete, the sports community and the club for which he acts, is incorrect and simply powerful people who love grand gestures and the so-called PR.

Most universiadnyh awards - six -He won the Russian swimmer Vladimir Morozov. And four of them were gold. Also, four gold won two Russians - swimmer Yuliya Efimova and gymnast Margarita Mamun.

For example, for a successful start and finish in KazanRussian champions besides Azamat Laypanova relied not only gold medal, but also on 168 thousand rubles from the state budget only. The second place Russians were awarded to 84 thousand. For the third - 50 thousand. Approximately the same amount of money added and the leadership of Tatarstan, which is a fighter Laipanov. The general size of the prize reached 500 thousand rubles. In other words, the coin really proved its weight in gold!

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