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How much alcohol is needed for a wedding banquet


How much alcohol is needed for a wedding banquet</a>

Ordering a banquet in a restaurant, the question often arises: how much you need to take alcohol, so that everyone will have enough, and there is not a lot of unnecessary left.

Many restaurants and cafes, when ordering a banquet, allow you to bring alcohol with you or buy from them at vendor prices. The question arises: how much and what is better to take?

1. The first advice is that you do not need a large assortment and many titles. At the banquet, it will still be impossible to keep track of the "bottle" opposite each guest. As a result, everything is mixed and this can lead to a not very good result.
So it is enough to take 2-3 names of strongDrinks, for example: vodka, whiskey, cognac. And 2-3 names of low-alcohol, for example: red wine, white wine, champagne. An exception can be made for close relatives - if your grandmother drinks exclusively Chivas Regal, then you need to warn the waiters about it in advance.

2. Among friends, you can conduct a poll on social networks or by phone, who will drink what, offering several options to choose from. Thus, you will form an approximate idea of ​​the number and proportion of beverages.

3. Now by the number. Of course, there is no single scheme, everything depends on the company. But some average calculation looks like this: 0.3-0.4 liters of strong alcohol per person and 0.5-0.7 liters of low-alcohol drinks. For example, if you have 100 guests, you get 30-40 liters of strong and 50-70 liters of weak alcohol. It is clear that someone will drink only wine, someone - only vodka, and someone does not drink alcohol at all.

4. Champagne will be enough to take only a counter reception, at the rate of 1 bottle for 5 people. At the table, guests usually switch to other drinks.

5. If there is an "extra" alcohol, it's not terrible, because it can always be taken away with them or distributed to guests. In any case, it will not spoil and will not be lost. So you can safely with the "stock".

6. Warn the waiters that they do not open all bottles at once, but only as needed. If you want to check that the restaurant employees did not take your alcohol to their home (which, unfortunately, happens sometimes), arrange that all the bottles brought to you immediately be put on the table on a separate table. You can also ask not to throw out the traffic jams and then count them.
Although, it should be noted that for such measures waiters have long thought of their ways to cheat, but, at least, most of the alcohol not drunk will survive.

7. Do not forget about soft drinks. They should be about one and a half liters per person, especially in summer. It is better to take a little water, 0.2-0.3 liters per person. The rest - juices, fruit drinks, cola. When choosing non-alcoholic beverages, follow the ordered alcohol. To vodka take usually orange, pineapple, tomato juices, mors, to whiskey - apple juice or cola, to martini - orange, cherry juice.

8. Since usually guests gather earlier and wait for the young, it is better for them to provide a counter reception, or a welcome drink, so that they talk with a glass of champagne or a cocktail. Also on the buffet table you should offer water and juices.

9. Arrange in advance with the restaurant administrator when you can arrive and pick up the remaining drinks.

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