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HOW mount blinds

How to mount blinds

Blinds - a real godsend design that combines outstanding functionality and decorative properties.

They can decorate almost any decor, as may be placed on the windows of any type, including sloping roof windows.

We'll show you how to install the blinds yourself.



The main difference from the blinds curtains anotherIt is such that when folding curtain fabric roll is removed, which in turn in some models can be in a special box located at the top. The box can also be decorated in tone, such as walls. Rolling blinds It may be attached to a wall, a ceiling, a doorway and a window to the window frame, the sash. For installation blinds you will need a drill, dowels and screws, screwdriver, ruler, level, measuring tape.


Pre decide how it will be positioned curtain: inside the window opening, outside the window or on the wings.


Next, remove the size. In the first case the width blinds equal to the width of the window opening minus 2 cm on each side. Height blinds It should be less than the height of the window opening minus 2 cm.
In the second case, the width of the roll blinds equal to the width of the window opening plus 5 cm on each side.
In the third case, the width blinds It is equal to the width of the window plus 1.5 cm on each side.


Note that the roller blind to be positioned in such a way as to not interfere with the movement of the window handle. If the window is flush with the wall, the width blinds equal to the window width plus 10 cm on each side, so the room would be better obscured. Height blinds in the second, third and fourth cases, should not be less than the height of the window, plus 10 cm.


Then start the installation of the aluminum tube, which is wound around the web blinds. To do this, measure the same distance fromeach edge of the window and mark the position of the first mounting. Then drill the wall, insert the dowel that matches the material of the wall and screw the mounting screws.


The spirit level and mark the location of the linethe second fastening and screw it in the same way. Place additional fastening at a distance of 10 cm from the regulatory power cord, as this is where the roll mechanism blinds experiencing the greatest load. Then fasten the curtain on the brackets.

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