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HOW Mercedes car got its name

As a Mercedes car

Mercedes-Benz - known German brandpremium passenger car belonging avtostroitelnoy corporation Daimler AG, which also manufactures engines and other equipment for various purposes.


The first milestone in the history of the appearance on the marketMersedes-Benz car can be considered a registration company "Benz & Co. Rheinische Gazmotoren-Fabrik Mannheim ", October 1, 1883. Register your company German inventor, a talented engineer and one of the automotive pioneer Carl Benz. Companions Benz was an enterprising businessman Max Kaspar Rose and commercial agent Friedrich Wilhelm Esslinger. The new company was established on the basis of a bicycle shop, but she was engaged in the design, creation and sale of gasoline engines.
At that time, Karl Benz had alreadythey registered the patents for two-stroke internal combustion engine and on the most important key components and vehicle systems. These included: water cooling radiator, spark plug, clutch parts, carburetor, throttle, ignition system and transmission. The presence of all these developments and has allowed Benz to design a car. The first three-wheeled car was released by Benz in 1886.


In parallel with the development of Caral Benzgrown and developed another firm, bearing the name - "Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft". Created by the company Gottlieb Daimler in 1890, his company engaged in production of four-wheeled car, which at first are not in great demand. Really good sample, designer of the company Wilhelm Maybach was able to create only in 1901. Cars of this company first got the name Mercedes.

In the movie "Slumdog Millionaire» Mercedes-Benz company demanded that its logos have been removed from the scene where the action takes place in the slums.


The appearance of this name has its own separatehistory. According to legend, the name cars have received thanks to the persistent recommendations of the vice-consul of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Nice, Emil Jellinek, who was an avid rider and concurrently head of the representative office of Daimler in France. In 1899, he was a car company Daimler raced in Nice. As he took the name of his daughter, whose name was Mercedes, a race he won as an alias, and then decided that this name will bring us good luck vehicles.
A year later, Emile asked the company to Daimlerto construct a new, more elegant and powerful model of the car with the condition that the machine should be called Mercedes for him. Order of 36 cars was at the time a gigantic and very profitable, and the company Daimler has agreed to all the conditions of the vice-consul. Thus came the name, which in 1902 officially became a trademark.

Emblem "Mercedes" - three-beam star - symbolizes the use of engines on the ground, in water and in the air, as well as the company's excellence in these three verses.

In 1926, after the merger of Daimler and Benz companies, new automobiles Concern Daimler-Benz became known as Mercedes-Benz.

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