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HOW to use marble chips in landscape design

How to use the marble chips in landscape design

The marble is widely used in construction, and its waste after the crushing are used in landscaping.

Mulching using marble allows to translate into reality a variety of ideas, creating masterpieces of landscape art in the open spaces of the garden.

Marble can be any color and hue -modern manufacture allows to obtain a wide range of colors. Marble chips can be decorated with flower beds, paths, towering hills. Material eco-friendly and durable, it can be used to implement any ideas conceived in the landscape.
If you want to create an artificial sitebody of water, but there is no water supply, come to the aid marble, which can be used for a dry creek. Any natural or artificial recess fit to fill it with gravel or small pebbles, and top with marble chips. A little imagination - and the stream is ready. To maximize the visual effect, it is advisable to use pellets similar to water colors. The smaller the texture of marble deposits, the more brilliant and iridescent in the sun will stream.
marble granules can be used for decorationflowerbeds. In this case, its shape is emphasized by the elegance of marble (alone or with the addition of wood mulch). In addition, the marble chips will help to protect the area around the flower beds of weeds. Large marble granules and can be spread into the flower beds, which will contribute to the conservation of moisture and oxygen into the ground.
In those cases when it is necessary to arrange approachArtificial ponds, again, you can use the marble chips, creating a smooth transition from the common path. Shades can be used very different, but always need to remember that color combination should be harmonious.
Originality will alleys, paths and gardentrack, if properly decorate the marble chips. Visual beauty is combined with the practicality, because the marble would prevent the emergence of weeds and other herbaceous crops unplanned.
The advantage of using this wonderfulmaterial is that it is relatively cheap cost and does not require special equipment, but the terrain is obtained original design and unique.

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