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How many times eats newborn baby

How many times eats newborn baby

For mothers of newborn is important to know if her milk if her child is hungry enough.

This issue is most relevant is in the first months of baby's life when he is helpless and in need of parental care.

As soon as the baby was born, each "new mother" is concerned: how much and how often should the baby have to fully grow, develop and be healthy.

How much food a newborn in the first days of life

After birth, a woman produces specialsubstance - colostrum. It is nutritious, much better fed mature milk, it should be quite a bit kid. In the following days, my mother produced normal milk.

To learn how to increase the appetite of the child, can be seen in the below data:

The first day of the baby enough to eat a spoonful of colostrum. Stomach he is still quite small, and quite nutritious colostrum.
On the second day a child needs to have increased to two spoons portion of colostrum.
Feed the newborn on the third day should be longer, because now he eats a larger volume.

Every day the amount of milk for your baby shouldincrease as the time of its feeding. Two weeks later, his portion is about 500 grams a day to six months, it will be up to 1000 grams per day.

The first month is special - for the baby and for his mother. Already in the nursing home, many women are faced with extremely difficult and sensitive issue.

The baby in the womb has been endowed with reflexsucking, but in practice it is very difficult to adapt to the mother's breast. Especially because newborns have different structures of the oral cavity, and women have nipples individual characteristics. These difficulties can be overcome, so young women should not despair.

Features breastfeeding

The first month of a child in need of specialbreast milk, so the number of feedings can be up to 12 times. The interval between feedings is about 2-3 hours, but it's average, as doctors recommend to feed your baby on demand. The duration of feeding is 15 to 40 minutes.


By feeding this kind there is a dangereating a child, then he may have an upset stomach. Therefore it is very important to calculate the necessary amount of power for him. In this case, you need to be based on the doctor's recommendations, which it will after viewing the baby.

There is a simple way to calculate the amount of food. It should be the number of days from birth multiplied by 10. For example, on the fifth day of life need 50 ml for one meal.

Starting with the third week of life and continues totwo months, the child needs to 1/5 of its body weight. Unlike grudnichka-baby bottle-feeding is necessary, keeping mode: day - every three hours, and at night - with a break of 5 hours.

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