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How many times a day you can drink chicory

How many times a day you can drink chicory

Chicory - a beautiful plant with delicate flowers.

Its root is used for the preparation of tasty and healthy coffee beverage.

However, to use it in unlimited quantities is not worth it.

The composition and the taste of chicory root

Chicory root is rich in vitamins andmicroelements. In particular, it contains large amounts of vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3. The structure of root plants include large amounts of inulin, which favorably affects the entire digestive system, and accelerates the metabolism, carotene and proteins.
Roasted chicory very granularsimilar to the instant coffee as the odor, color and even taste. The main difference from the natural coffee drink - a complete lack of caffeine in it. In this regard, the chicory may use people with essential hypertension.

Drink a cup of chicory fasting with honey and lemon. This facilitates the treatment of hypertension.

How many times a day you can drink chicory

Like any other medicinal herb, chicory requiresUsed caution. You can not drink it uncontrollably. The optimum amount of this drink is 2 cups a day. If you exceed this dose, closely watch the reaction of the organism. Some people suffer fine coffee beverage, or even 5 cups a day will not cause damage to the health, and some may have various allergic reactions.
The drink will be useful to people who can not live without coffee. In this case, replace the recommended 2 cups of coffee two cups of chicory. This organism will receive a smaller amount of caffeine.

Drink from chicory has a strong diuretic effect.

Coffee drink from chicory root promotesweight loss and normalization of weight. This is due to its ability to accelerate the metabolism and cleanse the intestines of toxins and other substances. Despite this, the beverage increases appetite. Therefore, too large a dose can cause, on the contrary, to weight gain. One or two cups per day is sufficient to stabilize the intestine.

Contraindications chicory

Gastric ulcer, gastritis, variouserosion in the gastrointestinal tract are a major reason for the refusal of use in food drink from chicory. The fact that the plant is adversely affect the mucous membranes, having damage and hence may exacerbate the disease.
When varicose veins and heart disease is not recommended to drink coffee drink from chicory.
Sometimes there is an intolerance of chicory, which is expressed by symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, all sorts of rashes, and weakness.

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