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How many times a day to feed the dog

How many times a day to feed the dog

Proper development, physical activity,health and ultimately the length of your dog's life is directly dependent on how well you feed her. And it's not only competently choose an individual diet, but in the power mode.

It differs significantly in puppies and adult dogs.

Dog Eating after a year

Since up to a year and a half years, depending on thebreed, puppy dog ​​is considered, there is at this age it is necessary to often. Babies up to 2 months fed 6 times a day, from 2 to 3 months - 5 times a day, from 5 months to 1 year old puppy three meals a day, and after a year the young dog should be transferred to two meals a day.
how to feed the puppy in 2 months
Some dog experts recommend gradually to 2-3years to train a dog there is only 1 times a day, but the majority still believes that the optimum feed active and mobile animal, especially if it is a working dog, twice - after the morning after a night out. Do not treat animals as a capricious child and offer him food after a while, after he had refused it. No need to also leave uneaten food in a dog bowl.
whether it is possible to feed a puppy York baby food
If the dog refused to feed or slightlyeaten, distracted by other activities, consider that your master's duty you performed and a non-fasting dog. Taps on the feeding of no more than 15 minutes, after which the dog has to be only one bowl - fresh water. This mode of feeding the animal disciplines and gradually the dog will quickly eat whatever she put it.
how to feed the dog and the
But when an adult dog is alreadyaccustomed to such feeding, refuses to eat, watch its behavior - it is possible that it is not healthy. In animals, as in humans, the rejection of the familiar and favorite food could signal the disease.
What to feed a dog after giving birth

How to feed the dog

Remember that your mistakes can causechronic diseases in dogs. Do not feed her those products from your table, you are considered a delicacy - meat and fish meats, aged cheeses, spicy, salty and sweet should be strictly prohibited. Puppies, whose permanent teeth have not yet formed, it is impossible to give the bone. A tubular bones of the birds with their sharp fragments can destroy and adult animals.
feed a fighting dog
Adjust the daily feed rate dependingthe size, age and physical activity of your pet. If the day he spent with you running around in nature and games, the amount of food should be increased. When enough food, this indicator will be a normal fatness, not hiding developed musculature. In that case, when the dog seems to you thin, consult with your veterinarian and increase the daily rate if necessary. Remember that overfeeding your dog, you provoke obesity, which leads to disruption of the heart.

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