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HOW MANY times a day a six-month-old child sleeps


How many times a day a six-month-old child sleeps</a>

When a small child appears in the family, his parents are constantly worried about something.

They care about how the baby eats, how many times a day he sleeps, how he develops.

Such questions, worried about young parents, are quite natural.

Tips that can be heard from parents

Healthy sleep is useful not only for an adultMan, but, first of all, and small children. Surely many people know that newborn babies sleep a lot, or rather, they sleep almost constantly. And how much a child should sleep at the age of six months is a rather difficult question. Young parents constantly think that their baby sleeps too little or, conversely, too much. In order to rid yourself of vague torments, you just need to know exactly how much time a day six-month-olds should sleep.
At this age, the baby moves toFourteen hours of sleep. Of them, about ten to eleven hours, he sleeps at night. Sleep becomes more robust, unless, of course, the baby does not bother. Healthy and strong sleep of the child depends on the pastime, which takes place two three hours before bedtime.

A short walk or swimming simplifies the process of putting the child to sleep and makes his sleep calmer.

In addition to sleeping at night, the baby needs severalHours of daytime rest. Time is divided into two, about one and a half or two hours. It is not necessary to sleep exactly two hours, the baby can sleep for lunch only one hour, and then fall asleep for three hours. Do not specifically wake the child, because the dream of any person depends on the individual needs of each organism, even the smallest.

Tips that can be heard from pediatricians

Children's doctors say that a child agedSix months you must sleep at least fourteen hours a day, but not more than sixteen. Only cases of sickness and malaise of the child are excluded, at this time the baby sleeps longer. The night sleep of a child is ten to eleven hours, approximately, from 22.00 to 8.30.

Daytime sleep is also very important for the baby, this time is about lunchtime from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 18.00.

Basically, the child should be laid to sleep after feeding. But he also falls asleep well during walks. Do not forget to dress the child in the weather, so that it is not cold or hot.
A half-year-old baby quickly gets used toAllocated for sleep time, and this helps to avoid problems with the formation of personal free time of parents. In addition, it is proved that a child sleeping and eating at a certain time is more susceptible to learning something. If you have problems with getting your child to sleep at a certain time, do not give up, start laying your son or daughter for some small amount of time before bedtime. And be sure to repeat every day exactly up to an hour. In a week you will see the result, the baby will start to like to fall asleep at a certain time without much effort of the parents.

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