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How many teeth in cats

How many teeth in cats

Cats need care not only hair and nails, and teeth.

And the proper development of the past, keeping them clean - the guarantee of health of these animals.

To properly care for your cat, especially for her teeth, it is necessary to know how many of them should be the age at which they appear, when the change begins molochgyh permanent teeth, etc.

How many teeth a kitten and where they appear

how to clean cat teeth
Newborn kittens are still toothless. Only after 2 weeks of life, they begin to erupt first baby teeth. If you find them at the kitten, then you can already begin to introduce solid foods.
Total kittens slotted 26 dairy (temporary) teeth. In a period of about 3-5 months, they begin to fall out, replaced by permanent. Typically, this process is extended by 5-7 months.

14 kittens milk teeth are arranged in the upper jaw, and 12 - at the bottom.

With proper nutrition change of teeth in cats is not particularly painful, it does not require medical assistance. However, no harm will be at this time to observe the animal's oral cavity.
And if you notice any deviation -for example, the milk teeth do not fall out and permanent already cut - necessarily refer to the veterinary clinic. There the physician will determine if you need to remove the temporary teeth, or they will soon fall out on their own.

How many teeth in the adult cat

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A healthy cat has 30 permanent teeth, 1614 from above and below. Of these, 12 cutters, 10 small molars (radicands, premolars), 4 canines (also called predatory teeth) and 4 of the main root, or molar.

Correct bite cats - pincer (direct).

If you counted the teeth of your pet, and theirIt was less, it is not always a cause for panic. For example, in some cats never grow cutters, while others lost their early. On the other hand, the cause of tooth loss may be an infection in the mouth of the animal, vitamin deficiency or other internal diseases, the existence of which, perhaps, you did not guess.
That is, as the cat has teeth depends on itsage. Since they wear out and fall over time. This applies mainly to the incisors, taking the brunt of the burden in the process of chewing food. But radicands molars and persist for more than 2 decades. However, purebred cats are usually lifetime is slightly less than that of others. And because the teeth and they fall a little earlier than their counterparts.

How to clean cat teeth

at different ages in the cat
Cats need to periodically clean your teeth. This must be done to prevent the occurrence of tartar, which is formed by the hardening of plaque. And it, in turn, arises because of food debris and bacteria.
Plaque is able to deliver your petMany problems. The cat may appear gum disease and other related diseases. Running not cured the disease can lead to tooth loss in an animal.
To avoid this, periodically letcat to chew solid food, such as meat, which is necessary for bone perezhevyvat- special koshek- dry food. Then the animal will be self-cleaning teeth.
In addition to this, you can brush your teeth catindependently. This can be used, for example, baking soda and a little red wine. React with baking soda, vinegar breaks down plaque well, if there is not so much. with a cotton swab dipped in wine, wipe the teeth of an animal. After that, another swab, apply baking soda, diluted with water to a mushy state. This procedure should be carried out carefully, otherwise there is the risk of hurting the animal tender gums.
In addition, clean the teeth of a cat can be a dentalpowder with a small children's toothbrush. But the right thing to use a special brush and toothpaste for cats that you can buy at the pet store. And to your favorite has not resisted the process of purification of her teeth from plaque, is not superfluous to buy toothpaste with taste of fish.

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