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How many teeth in a panda

Many zoologists, scientists studying pandas belongthese animals bear family. However, other researchers assumed that these cute plush creating a closer kinship to the species raccoons.

A third of the researchers isolated a single family.


Most supporters of the theory of evolution believeGiant Panda (different bamboo bear) living fossils that have kinship with extinct bears agrioteriyami, which are somewhat similar to the outward signs.

Most likely, the ancestor of the giant panda, as well as modern brown and Himalayan bears, was a predator.

Analyses on the morphology, etymology,anatomy and physiology of E. Tenniusom, an Australian researcher in the field of paleontology, has shown that a large panda belongs to 16 the general features of the bears, 5 - to raccoons, and 12 differences that are unique to this species. Therefore, most of the scientists is the fact that pandas need to carry a separate family.

The structure of teeth and diet

Most likely, due to the scarcity of animalfood, giant pandas have switched to vegetable food, that is, the bamboo, and a number of other components of the green world. On the rolling type menu with vegetarian predatory type indicates the structure of their teeth adapted for grinding bamboo, and to absorb the meat.
So how many teeth in a panda? the total number - 40 pieces. Of these, the special role played by the top located on both sides of the tooth for 4 pseudo-molars and molars 2 of these, as well as the lower two triples pseudo-molars and molars present.
This structure allowed the pandas to adaptsolid plant foods. True stomach and intestinal tract of animals, not completely digest even a young bamboo shoots. Digestive System pandas is much weaker than other herbivores. Therefore, giant pandas, in order not to lose the weight, the food forced to absorb all the time, about 15 hours per day.

Today, giant pandas - an endangered species in the International Red Book. The reason - the development of human habitats panda habitat.

It is considered that the panda eats onebamboo. It is in truth a staple food, but giant pandas often supplement their reserves of fat and protein not only plants. The animal does not exclude and eating small animals, insects, fish, which is able to catch (usually sick or wounded), does not shrink, and carrion. Sometimes, like bears, ruins bee nest. Such malomalski variety of food and allowed the giant panda to survive to the present day.

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