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How many of Angelina Jolie tattoos

How many of Angelina Jolie tattoos

The exact number of tattoos on the body of AngelinaJolie is unknown. Moreover, their number is constantly changing: the actress adds new tattoo, settling old, spans multiple images one big picture.

It is this star is the leader of the list "the most tattooed celebrity."

Main tattoos of Angelina Jolie

Angelina uses tattoos kachesvoamulets or reminders of important events for her. Each image has a special meaning and plays a special role in her body. Finally, among her tattoos have several images symbolizing the fate of rebellion and the belief that every person determines the course of his life.
Jolie made a very original tattoo on the leftshoulder: there are given the coordinates of the birth of her children, including foster. This is one of the signs of love for children, demonstrated Angelina. Do not forget about it, and her mother, in her honor Jolie tattooed on the palm of the letter M. Finally, h letter on her wrist - a reminder of the actress's brother, James Hayvene.
On his right hand under his elbow Angelinatattooed an Arabic word meaning "dedication", and in the same spot on his left hand - the Chinese character for "courage" and the words "Prayer for the wild at heart, locked in a cage" in English. In the lower part of the abdomen is an inscription in Latin, which means "What nourishes me, destroys."
On Jolie's lower back is depicted BengaliTiger and written by the Buddhist prayer, designed to protect human. These two tattoos - one of the strongest and amulets, which uses an actress, not a reminder of something or someone, in contrast to many other images on her body. On the left shoulder Jolie has another image-ward, designed to protect her adopted son from Cambodia. The upper part of the back of Angelina decorated with an inscription in English, which translates as "Know your rights".

Erased and temporary tattoos Jolie

First tattoo Angelina became the character,meaning "death." He was pictured on the left shoulder blade and the actress stayed with her for a long time, but eventually Jolie decided to get rid of tattoos and closed it to other pattern.
At the bottom of the belly of the actress was first impaleddragon, but later he remade this tattoo Jolie, turning it into a black cross. Image of mythical creatures appeared on Angelina's body during her first marriage, which, alas, was unsuccessful. To erase at least some of reminders married to Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie got rid of tattoos. So she went and with the tattoo located on the elbow of the right hand and the other dedicated to the beloved actress - Bill Bob Thornton. Another tattoo with the name Billy, Angelina had to be reduced with the help of laser therapy.

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