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How many programming systems

How many programming systems

With the technological progress and development of the sphere of computer technologies, a host of different software systems in the world.

The programming system is a means, a tool for creating algorithms.

It is presented in the form of a programming language in which the program will be written.

What does the programming system

The structure includes a variety of software systemsmeans that are necessary for the development of software products. These components are: the compiler and interpreter. The first necessary for reading and recognizing the machine code and create a working version of the program. The interpreter is the interpreter of the written code. It executes the commands in stages following the algorithm.
An important role in the programming systemIt plays an integrated environment, which will be developed by the software. Development environment consists of the various libraries, including graphic and debugging programs that perform the algorithm and help to find errors in the testing process.
IDE - a special complexembedded routines. The main objective of the integrated environment - to be versatile, adaptable to different kinds of tasks, having "user-friendly" interface and inquiry service.

The most common and popular programming system

Among the most popular systems can be distinguished Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic, Turbo C. Accordingly, each system has its own package for application development.
For Turbo Pascal - Borland Delphi package. This is one of the most popular skins for creating applications, it is simple and convenient at the same time. Object - oriented environment using Pascal language has many different components in its arsenal to develop, as well as fast and efficient compiler.
For Turbo Basic - package of Microsoft Visual Basic, it is a good tool for creating applications and macros. For Turbo C - Borland C ++ package, it is convenient for programming under DOS.

The programming system directlytied to a specific programming language. Programming languages, there are many sold under their own specific tasks, depending on the scope of use and the operating system.
Programming languages ​​can be used towriting commercial software applications, web applications, games, applications for Android. In total there are about 25 languages, some of which are subsidiaries, ie syntax and algorithmization they like. There are several most common languages ​​in the world: Delphi, PHP, C / C ++.
Language Delphi is based on Pascal, it is distinguished by its ease in creating an algorithm, logical, supporting procedural programming, working with classes and dynamic memory.
Language C / C ++ is not as simple to programlike Pascal, on its basis is formed by algorithms and other languages, eg, Java. Also, this language has direct access to computer hardware, has the property of converting types, and belongs to the category of system programming.
PHP - a language for creating web pages with scripts, it is characterized by its versatility and cross-platform.
Classification systems and programming languagesthere are today quite a lot, but the main problem remains the same - the creation of high-quality software product that will meet the needs of the user.

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