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How many people in the regiment

How many people in the regiment

Army of modern states, as a rule, based on the principles of unity of command and strict hierarchy.

The composition of the troops, the name of the units and their number determines the senior military leadership of the country.

Polk - one of the basic structural units of army, which is present in almost all the armed forces.

The structure of military units

To understand what constitutes strengthregiment, you must understand the structure of the standard military units. The primary unit of combined arms military structure - the department, the number of which can reach 10-16 fighters. Usually three branches up squad. As part of an infantry company, there are three or four platoons, as well as machine-gun crew compartment and decisive problem for protection from enemy tanks.

Rota is designed to solve most problems in terms of tactical combat it contravene the population reaches 150 people.

Several mouth organizational part of theBattalion. For this structural unit is just the next shelf. It is an autonomous and key military formations designed to solve tactical problems, but also take part in the operations and strategic maneuvers of troops. At the head of the regiment usually costs quite an officer of high rank - major, lieutenant colonel or colonel.
The composition of the Regiment and its weapons are notuniform. There may be presented divisions relating to a variety of species. regiment name usually includes the name of the dominant in numbers of the armed forces. It should be noted that the structure and the overall strength of the regiment is largely determined by the characteristics of tasks. In the context of hostilities the number of units can be increased.

Regiment as an independent combat unit

Motorized infantry regiment consists of two or threebattalion motorized infantry, tank, artillery and anti-aircraft missile battalions, the health unit. Additional shelves can have several auxiliary mouth, such as intelligence, demining, repair and so on. The composition of the regiment in the armies of various countries is determined by the charter and the needs of wartime. As a rule, the number of the regiment is from 900 to 1,500, and sometimes more.

On the other units of the regiment distinguished by the fact that heIt is a self-organizationally combat, economic and administrative unit. Each regiment is composed of management, called headquarters.

Above the shelf in the military hierarchy isDivision, commanded by General. Depending on the goals and tasks of this formation is dependent of the division, as well as its name. For example, the division can be a missile, tank, airborne, aircraft. The number of divisions is determined by the number of its constituent regiments and other units of the auxiliary character.

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