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How many lives in cats

Cats, too afraid of heights

Cats have long presented human animal special.

They were surrounded by religious worship, they were afraid composed many legends about them.

One of them - the belief that cats live nine lives.

Nine - Divine number

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Nine figures in myths no less frequently thannumber three or seven. In ancient Egyptian mythology, there Ennead - a group of the most important gods, of which there were nine. Scandinavian mythology describes the nine worlds connected by the world tree - the ash tree Yggdrasil. In ancient Ireland, the highest sign of honor was a tuple of nine vehicles, just so the king had Loegayre honor Saint Patrick. In Greek mythology there were nine muses. In Judaism and Christianity, it is known about the nine angelic ranks. Yes, and constantly referred to "the kingdom of Far Far Away" in Russian folk tales.
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This attitude caused some featuresthis number. The sum of digits of any number that is divisible by nine, is nine - the number as it reproduces itself. This is consistent with the idea of ​​cyclicality of the universe, of nature, which always dies and is reborn. In addition, nine - is the square of the number three, which is also considered sacred.
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It would be strange not to associate such a "magical"the number of the cat. After all, she was also a sacred animal. In Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods - more than the sacred bull, and in Norse mythology cats were harnessed to his chariot, Freya - the goddess of love and fertility.
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The relationship between the cats and the number nine is understandable, but why all the idea that cats should be a few lives?
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The real foundation of legends

Perhaps the idea of ​​the many cat livesancient people prompted a striking vitality cats. Falling from a great height, these animals are in most cases not die and do not receive any dangerous injuries. A study in one of the veterinary clinics in New York, found that of 132 cats that fell from the windows located over 30 floors, only 17 animals survived the shock. Even fewer were cats, damaging the bone.
Staying unhurt in the fall from a heightcats helps the parachute effect: falling, the animal presses the tail to the body and legs. The body is rotated, the speed of its fall becomes slower. When approaching the ground cat calls hind legs with the body, thus stopping its rotation, and the front straightens. The front legs that take the brunt, loosely connected with the skeleton, so the main burden falls on the tendons and muscles, and not on the bone, which helps to avoid fractures.
Given what the fall usually ends withthe height of the people, one can imagine the feelings experienced old man, watching the cat "landing." Refusing to believe that you can fall from a height and stay alive, people thought that the cat has nine lives.

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