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How many letters in Chinese, Korean, Japanese alphabet?

How many letters in Chinese, Korean, Japanese alphabet?

The Chinese alphabet is not used, the letter of the language - hieroglyphic, that is comprised of a plurality of characters, transmission is not sound, and meaning.

Based on the Latin alphabet used pinyinOnly for the transcription of the words in order to facilitate language learning. The Korean alphabet Hangeul 51 sign, or Chamo, but only 24 can be called identical to the traditional spelling.

Japanese letter consists of three parts: two hieroglyphic syllabic - hiragana and katakana, which at 47 characters.

Chinese writing

In Chinese, there is no alphabet, asthe letter does not appear sound of the word. Chinese ideographic writing system is composed of a large set of characters, with no sound, and lexical meaning. The Chinese are not a lot of sounds, they add up into syllables, and to describe the sound system was sufficient to thirty characters. But the alphabet does not meet the requirements of complex language, which is rich in homophones - words that sound the same. The Chinese would be more difficult to understand written text, if they were using a sound alphabet.
Nevertheless variety Chinese alphabetlanguage exists - it pinyin transcription system designed for the romanization of language. Speech sounds are written in Latin characters, combined into syllables. This facilitates the study of the alphabet and helps foreign language to transcribe foreign words, which have not yet chosen characters. Pinyin consists of 26 letters - all letters except the V, and the so-called U-umlaut.

The Korean alphabet

Korean writing is very similar to the Chinese, sohis signs originated from the ancient Chinese characters. But this letter sound - Koreans are the alphabet or the like, which is called Hangul. The letters or characters of this system are named Chamo or nasori.
In total there are 51 in the Korean scriptChamo, 24 of them can be compared with the usual letters, some of them written consonants, part - the vowels. Chamo remaining 27 - European alphabets is unusual double or triple letter, which consist of several sounds and characters. These are called digraphs or trigraphs: it can be double consonants, diphthongs or combinations of vowels and consonants.

Japanese writing

The Japanese writing system consists of two parts: kanji, or hieroglyphics, and kana, or ABC. The ABC is divided into two types: hiragana and katakana. The characters used to describe the basic meanings of the word, if we compare with the Russian language, we can say that these signs written word roots. Katakana is used for recording foreign borrowing, and hiragana - to refer to such words, for which there is no single value (suffixes, particles form adjectives). Japanese syllabic, too, and each sign both alphabets is not one sound and syllable.
In katakana and hiragana characters by 47 - the number of syllables, which are used in the Japanese language.

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