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HOW runs in the series "Santa Barbara"

How many episodes in the series "Santa Barbara"

The cult TV series "Santa Barbara" first appeared on the screens back in 1984 and ended in 1993, disappoint viewers who are accustomed to watching the ups and downs of Clan Capwell.

This series is one of the longest soap opera in the world - all for her 2137 filmed series.

Description of the plot

The series "Santa Barbara" tells the story of the richCapwell family whose lives are filled with amazing events. The central plot is the murder of young Capwell - Channing, which occurred five years before the events in the series. Sam series begins with the release of the murderer of Channing, Joe Perkins released for good behavior. Perkins returned to Santa Barbara to prove his innocence, then under suspicion contains all the characters of the series.

In Russia, the "Santa Barbara" showed not completely - the series began airing the series with 217 and finished second in 2040.

After the release of the first series in the series has fallenplenty of negative criticism, then the writers and producers had to quickly remove from the "SB" many actors who were killed by the earthquake or the hands of a serial killer. As a result, the show has become famous characters such as the Cruz Castillo, Eden Capwell, CC and Sophia Capwell, Mason Capwell, Gina Blake, Julia Wainwright, Augusta and Lionel Lockridge. Game actors who performed their roles, raised the ratings of "Santa Barbara" and allowed the series to achieve a high level of popularity.

Interesting facts about the show

"Santa Barbara", not leastfamous because of its unusual at that time scenario. So, one of the heroines of the series, former nun Mary McCormick, killed huge neon letter C and rolled away signs Capwell. This point in the future borrowed writers of the animated series American Dad, where one of the characters says that his wife had killed the "big C", which means the first letter of the Coca-Cola signs, rather than "cancer" (cancer).

The series "Santa Barbara" won the "Emmy" three awards for three consecutive years as the best daytime drama.

As the story progresses, the main events of the seriesWe began to occur around Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo. One of the unexpected twists script was raping her gynecologist Eden Zack Calton. The actor, who plays Calton, has not approved such a turn, but then his character was killed, after which he returned to show the district attorney Ethan Asher.
Many performers of the main roles were leaving"Santa Barbara" for various reasons. Luis Sorel fired for failing to portray an affair with Timothy Gibbs, a character who raped Julia (Augusta's sister). Most of the families were removed, replace them with other heroes who have given most of the time serial. However, the show still had to be completed due to falling ratings.

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