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HOW MUCH SERIES in the 8 season of the series Supernatural


"Supernatural" is a popular American television series about two siblings who dedicated their lives to hunting for evil spirits.

They travel throughout America, investigate paranormal phenomena and fight against demons, vampires, gins, werewolves and other supernatural monsters, thereby helping people.

How many episodes in "Supernatural"

1 season - 22 series-
2 season - 22 series-
3 season - 16 series-
4 season - 22 series-
5 season - 22 series-
6 season - 22 series-
Season 7 - 23 series-
8 season - 23 series-
9 season - 23 series.

The premiere of "Supernatural" took place in 2006. The show continues to be shot at the moment.

The plot of the eighth season

A year passed in the custody of Dean in Purgatory. Finally, he found a way to return to Earth. The main character returns from that world without Castiel. Together with him is chosen his new friend - the vampire Benny.

During his brother's absence, Sam threw a hunt andBegan to meet with Amelia. To the return of Dean, he already parted with his beloved. Dean reunites with his brother, but hides that he has a supernatural friend.

Brothers learn that the prophet Kevin was able to escape fromThe king of hell of Crowley. Kevin says that Crowley had another tablet with the Word of God. The tablet contains a powerful spell that can forever close the Gates of Hell. Also, the spell has the power to open the hellish gates, expelling all the demons to Earth, which is part of Crowley's plans. Kevin stole the tablet, for which his girl paid for his life.

Sam finds out about Benny and quarrels with Dean. Meanwhile, from the Purgatory mysteriously returns the angel Castiel. Kevin again falls into the trap of the king of hell, but Castiel saves him.

Winchester learn that they are heirsThe Guardians of Knowledge, who created a secret community to store supernatural knowledge. Now the brothers live in their storehouse, located in Kansas.

In order to forever close the Gates of Hell,Winchesters must undergo three tests: bathe in the blood of a hellhound dog, draw an innocent soul out of hell and take it to Paradise. The third trial is still unknown to them.

The brothers find Metatron. It was he who wrote down the Word of God. Also, they fall into the hands of the second part of the demon table with the third test - to heal the demon.

Parallel to the main theme, the season contains two additional storylines: the secrets that Dean hides about the time spent in Purgatory and the relationship between Sam and Amelia.

Over time, it turns out that Castiel did not intentionallyWanted to leave Purgatory with Dean. He decided to stay to punish himself for his sins. But he was returned to Earth by angels under the guidance of a certain Naomi, who begins to control him. Naomi makes Castiel report on the actions of the Winchesters and each time erases his memory of their cooperation. With the help of the angelic tablets, control over the angel is destroyed.

Metatron deceives Castiel. He invites him to close the heavenly gates together. Castiel agrees and passes two tests. As a result, Metatron takes his grace, passes the third test himself and closes the heavenly gates. The eighth season of the series ends with the fall of angels from Heaven to Earth.

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