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How many episodes 8 season of Supernatural

How many episodes in the series Supernatural season 8

"Supernatural" - a popular American television series about two siblings who have dedicated their lives hunting for the evil spirits.

They travel across America, investigating paranormal phenomena and are struggling with the demons, vampires, gin, werewolves and other supernatural monsters, thereby helping people.

How many episodes in the "Supernatural"

Season 1 - 22 series-
Season 2 - 22 series-
Season 3 - 16 serial
Season 4 - 22 series-
Season 5 - 22 series-
Season 6 - 22 series-
Season 7 - 23 series-
Season 8 - 23 series-
9 season - 23 series.

The premiere of "Supernatural" was held in 2006. The series continues to act in the present.

The plot of the eighth season

A year has passed imprisonment Dean in Purgatory. Finally he found a way to return to Earth. The protagonist returns from that world without Castiel. With him chosen his new friend - the vampire Benny.

During his absence his brother, Sam threw hunting andAmelia started dating. By Dean return he had parted with his beloved. Dean reunites with his brother, but admits that he had a supernatural one.

The brothers know that the prophet was able to escape from KevinKing of Hell, Crowley. Kevin says that Crowley has another tablet with the Word of God. Tablet contains a powerful spell that will permanently close the gates of hell. Also, the spell has the power to open the gates of hell, banishing all demons on earth, and that is part of Crowley's plans. Kevin stole the tablet, for which he paid with his life his girlfriend.

Sam learns about Benny and quarrels with Dean. In the meantime of Purgatory mysteriously returns angel Castiel. Kevin once again falls into the trap of the king of hell, but Castiel saves him.

Winchesters learn that they are the heirsKnowledge Keepers, who created a secret community for the purpose of storage of supernatural knowledge. Now the brothers are living in their store, located in the state of Kansas.

In order to close the gates of Hell forever,Hard drives must pass three tests: a swim in the blood of the hellish dog, pulled out of the hell innocent soul, and deliver it to Paradise. On the third test it is not yet known.

Brothers are Metatron. It was he who wrote the Word of God. Also, they fall into the hands of the second demon tablets of the third test - to heal a demon.

In parallel, the main theme of the season contains two additional storylines: the mystery that hides the Dean about the time spent in Purgatory and the relationship of Sam and Amelia.

Over time, it becomes clear that Castiel intentionallyI wanted to leave Purgatory with Dean. He decided to stay, to punish themselves for their sins. But it returned to Earth angels under the leadership of a certain Naomi, who begins to control it. Naomi makes Castiel to report on the actions of Winchester, and each time it erases the memory of their cooperation. With the help of angelic control tablets angel destroyed.

Metatron cheating Castiel. He invites him along to close the gates of paradise. Castiel agrees and passes two tests. As a result, Metatron takes his grace, he passes the third Test and closes the gates of paradise. The eighth season of the show ends with the fall of the angels from Heaven to Earth.

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