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How many episodes in the cartoon Masha and the Bear

How many episodes in the cartoon Masha and the Bear

The popular Russian animated series "Masha and the Bear", created with the help of three-dimensional graphics, in a short time acquired a love of the enormous audience of children in Russia, Switzerland, France and Canada.

The first cartoon was released in 2009 - as well as his series was filmed since then?

Masha's tales

The first spin-off animated series,which was released two years ago, called "machines tale" and consisted of 26 episodes that are based on Russian fairy tales. Today, "Masha and the Bear" has 42 series - for the period from 2009 to 2013, the creators of the cartoon series drew 38, and in 2014 on the screens out the new 4 Series.
Several series "Masha and the Bear" received a lot ofawards at various international festivals, including best TV animated series. Human voices Masha and the bear gave Alina Kukushkin and Boris Kutno.
The only human character incartoon is a girl Masha, having a good, responsive and immediate. Mary loves sweets, lollipops, playing with cups, balls and awards. She is very inquisitive and energetic - Mary often asks different questions, jumping into the bucket, watching cartoons and tells the tale.
Besides, the girl knows how to walk the moongait, slightly squint his eyes, he knows how to fight in melee style and prepares excellent jam. Mary does not know how to cook dumplings and porridge, plays hockey penguin and rabbit, perfectly played chess and masterfully handles carpentry tools and electric guitar.

Machine bear

A bear named Misha in the past was verypopular circus performer who has had many awards, medals and cups. He is retired and loves to polish to a shine their treasures and seeks to silence, peace and coziness. Masha also strongly violates the quiet life bear his antics - in fact due to its very nature an active residents court refused to play with her. Bear wants only one thing - quietly go about their bees, vegetable garden and flower bed, watch football, go fishing and eat honey.

In addition, girls and bears, in the animated film also hassecondary characters - bear, in which unrequited love Misha the bear, rabbit, stealing garden carrots from Misha, wolves suffering from the machine mischief, and protein, to fend off Masha pine cones.
Additionally, live in the woods: hedgehog, sometimes naughty with a girl, panda, animals (pig, chicken, goat, rooster and dog), a tiger, an old friend of Misha on the circus, and the penguin, who adopted son Misha. Also, in the movie you can see Santa Claus, Himalayan bear, Misha's rival in love affairs, the evil but funny bees and Dasha twins Masha.

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