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How many days lasts chickenpox

How many days lasts chickenpox

Harmless at first sight chickenpox disease is insidious and its complications through the transfer by air.

To catch it is possible anywhere.

Well, that suffer from it only once in a lifetime.

Chickenpox is considered a childhood disease, because sickit is most often at an early age. Recognize chickenpox is very simple. After one or two nights with a fever the child wakes up, covered with pink itchy rash. Then there are sores and itching becomes painful.
A man without a history of chickenpox as a child, at risk of contracting it at an older age. Wrap in this case it is much more difficult.

How long are sick with chickenpox

At the beginning of the disease appears smallfever, lethargy, drowsiness. A few days later a rash appears on the body. Most often it affects the face, mucous membranes, head, neck. If the temperature continues to rise, there may be new rash.
Within hours the rash turns into bubblesfluid which burst and cause discomfort, itching. This process can take five days. By the sixth day of the rash usually stop. The skin formed crusts, which can not be combed, or scars remain.
Most scabs will disappear after two or three weeks. The disease is receding, and the person no longer poses a threat.
An adult with chickenpox, it carries heavier. The body temperature can reach 40 degrees and keep all two weeks. Perhaps the body poisoning, delirium.
Chickenpox is considered recovered after transgressed all crusts on the skin.

The dangerous chickenpox

Feature chickenpox is susceptible to it that absolutely all people. The older the age at which people have been ill it, the greater the risk of complications.
The most common complication - secondaryinfection. Combing brown dirty hands can carry infection that causes inflammation. And even after recovery from the disease of the skin scars and scars.
The most serious complication - the defeat of the brainbrain, causing convulsions, paralysis, loss of coordination. In rare cases, it may result in heart or kidney. Fatal accidents, but they can be very small.
To avoid complications, a patient with chickenpoxmust comply with bed rest throughout the illness. Even if it seems that everything has passed, and excellent state of health, but the crust did not disappear until the end, better to be safe. You should also avoid stress, drafts, intoxication. During the daily inspection to monitor the appearance of new lesions or any new symptoms. If necessary, call a physician.

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