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How many beads should be at the beads


How many beads should be at the beads</a>

World religions have their own individual attributes.

However, some accessories are the same and do not depend on the dogma. These include the rosary.

They are present in many religious directions, slightly different in appearance, materials and the number of beads.

The purpose of the beads

Beads are beads strung onTape / cord. As a rule, the ends are fastened together, why the accessory resembles a decorative ornament. Beads or grains are made of a variety of materials: wood (cypress, date, juniper, etc.), natural stones, pearls, ceramics, pits, berries, etc.
Rosary are a special object that helpsKeep the concentration and attention of the person praying. The birthplace of the popular religious attribute today is India. Since ancient times, the search of beads helped to distract from worldly worries and pay attention to their inner, spiritual world. Beads in the beads, most often, symbolize the number of prayers.

It should be noted that the roaming of the rosaries is peculiar not only to religious adherents, but also, for example, to the shamans of Central Asia. With the help of an accessory they guess: they predict woes or goods.

Today, rosaries are used in a variety of religions. They can be found in Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Old Believers, etc. One can distinguish the rosary of one dogma from another according to the number of beads and decoration.

How many beads in the beads of different religions

The number of beads in the beads changes inDependence on religion. For Orthodoxy this number must be a multiple of 10. Most often there are beads of 100 beads + 3 from the central nodule down. The accessory used in Orthodoxy ends with a tassel or a cross. It should be noted that the number of beads can vary. According to the rules, 10 pieces can be from one to sixteen.
In another Christian teaching - Catholicism -A different number of beads. Catholic beads have 33 or 50 grains. The first figure symbolizes the earth years of Jesus, and the second - the number of years from the date of his death to the writing of the first book about his life. Later in Catholicism there appeared beads containing 150 beads (or 15 dozen). Every dozen is a tribute to the memory of the main event in the life of Christ and his Mother.
The main beads in Buddhism have 108 beads. This number symbolizes the number of brahmanas present at the birth of the Buddha. Such beads are equipped with beads - beads of a larger size. Also in Buddhism often there are accessories with the 18th (the number of Buddha's disciples), the 21st (the number of forms of the goddess Tara) and 32 grains (signs / dignities of the Buddha).

In Buddhism, there are beads with 27 and 54 beads. Such an attribute is represented by itself? And? Part of the classic 108-grain tape.

In Hinduism there are two types of rosary. The first "belong" to Shiva and contain 64 or 32 beads made from rudrakshi berries. The second symbolizes the Divine Absolute and has 108 grains. According to the rules, the rosary with the sacral number of links should be made of tulasi wood.
Islamic beads total 99 beads. This number is cyclic and corresponds to Divine names. As a rule, the rosaries are divided into three equal parts. There is also a shortened version of the attribute, called "tasbih" and consisting of 33 beads.

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