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HOW grease notebook cooler

As grease notebook cooler

With prolonged use of a laptop, congestionDust inside the device can not be avoided. This may not be the best way to influence the operation of the cooling system, which will subsequently lead to overheating of the computer, as well as rapid damage it.

Moreover, one of the main reasons is precisely parse laptops pollution coolers.

You will need

  • Laptop, special kulernoe oil, thermal paste



So, to oil cooler notebook, You should know the basic principles of analysislaptops. This is important because each specific model can have a different method of assembly. Read detailed instructions in your model. Gently loosen the external screws notebook and remove the keyboard panel. Once you reach directly to the fan, disconnect it from the radiator.


Before lubrication cooler shouldclean it as well as the adjacent cooler layer of accumulated dust. It is advisable to do a conventional vacuum or blow pump. Next, remove the sticker in the center of the spiral cooler. Under it is a small hole, closed with a rubber stopper. This hole leads directly to the motor of the axis and the bearing portion.


Dial into the syringe a little special oil,which can be purchased at almost any store of computer accessories. Then, by removing or piercing the syringe cap, slowly enter the oil inside. In no case does not inject it - allow the oil to flow axially into the bearing part.


Now we have to install the cooler in place. Before that uniformly apply a layer of thermal paste on the outside, rests on the surface of the CPU heat sink. Reassemble the laptop and immediately let it run.

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