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How to lubricate a notebook cooler


How to lubricate a notebook cooler</a>

With prolonged use of the laptop, congestionDust inside the device can not be avoided. This may not have the best effect on the operation of the cooling system, which will subsequently lead to overheating of the computer, as well as its rapid failure.

Moreover, one of the main reasons for analyzing laptops is the contamination of coolers.

You will need

  • Laptop, special cooler oil, thermal conductive paste



So, to lubricate the cooler Laptop, You should know the basic principles of parsingLaptops. This is important, because each particular model can have its own way of assembling. Read the detailed instructions for your model. Carefully unscrew the outer screws Laptop And remove the keypad. After you get directly to the cooler, detach it from the radiator.


Before you start lubricating the cooler, you shouldClean it, as well as the radiator adjacent to it from the accumulated layer of dust. It is advisable to do this with a conventional vacuum cleaner or blow out with a pump. Then remove the sticker in the central screw part of the cooler. Below it will be a small hole, closed with a rubber stopper. This hole leads directly to the axis of the motor and its bearing part.


Type in a syringe some special oil,Which can be purchased in almost any computer accessories store. Then, taking out or puncturing the plug with the syringe, slowly put the oil inside. Do not inject it at all - let the oil flow axially into the bearing part.


Now it remains to install the cooler in place. Before this, evenly apply a layer of thermal conductive paste on the external surface of the heatsink, which abuts against the processor. Collect the laptop and immediately give it a little work.

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