How to lubricate a fan


The cooler regulates the temperature of the processor and does not allow it to overheat</a>

Is it a fan or a cooler? This is a very important part of your computer.

It regulates the temperature of the processor and does not allow it to overheat.

The sound of a fan running in a computer is known to everyone.

But if at some point you noticed thatThis sound has changed, for example, your computer started to buzz like a plane on take-off, it means that the fan obviously needs help, that is, cleaning and lubrication.



Unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver, disconnect the connector, remove the fan from the housing.


With a brush or a cotton swab, gently clean the fan blades and its casing. Clean all accumulated dust and dirt.


The fan casing should have a round sticker. Unpin this sticker. Under it you will find a rubber cork. Very carefully remove it without damaging it.


Under this rubber band you will find the fan hub andAxis, which you should lubricate. To do this operation, take spindle or machine oil. You can also use a sail. For lubrication, apply some oil to the fan shaft.


The oil should cover it, but do not drip too much.A lot, because otherwise, when the rubber stopper is applied to the place of the oil, it can leak out of the recess and dirty the housing, then the sticker will not be able to stick back. To more accurately apply the oil and that it does not spill, you can use a medical syringe. In this case, the lubricating oil must be very liquid to flow unhindered through the syringe.


You can lubricate the internal parts of the fan,But for this it will have to be completely disassembled. We strongly advise you not to do this yourself, unless you are an expert? A layman can not cope with such a delicate work, and you risk ruining the cooler.


Now gently return the rubber stopper to thePlace, making sure that the oil does not spread and does not stain the case. Carefully and gently wipe the housing from dirt. Then return the round sticker.


It happens that the sticker after peeling offLost its shape or simply not stuck into place. It's not scary, replace it with a piece of plain office scotch, just cut it in shape and size.


In the reverse order, replace the fan and connect the connector.
Now the performance of the cooler is significantlyIt will work, as just bought. But remember that after a while, the grease will evaporate from the thermal effect, so do this procedure regularly. Good luck and good work for your cooler!

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