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HOW lubricate fan

Cooler adjusts CPU temperature and does not give it to overheat

As is known, a fan or cooler? this is a very important part of your computer.

It regulates the temperature of the processor and does not give it to overheat.

The sound of the fan in the computer is known to all.

But if one day you notice thatthe sound has changed, for example, your computer started to buzz as the plane on takeoff, it means that the fan is clearly needed help, that is, cleaning and lubrication.



Remove the screws with a screwdriver, remove the plug, remove the fan from the housing.


With a brush or cotton swab to gently clean the fan blades and housing. Remove any dust and dirt.


On the fan housing should be round sticker. Peel off the sticker. Underneath you'll find a rubber cork. Very carefully remove it without damaging.


Below this you will find a rubber band and fan hubaxis, and that you have to grease. To do this operation, take the spindle or machine oil. You can also use the constant velocity joints. For lubrication, apply a little oil on the fan shaft.


The oil should cover it, but it does not drip toomuch because otherwise, upon application of the rubber stopper in place oil may leak from the hollow body soiling and then label can not be pasted back. To more oil and to accurately apply it is not spilled, you can use a medical syringe. In this case, the lubrication oil should be very liquid to freely flow through the syringe.


Grease can be and internal parts of the fan,but for this it is necessary to completely disassemble. We strongly advise you to do it yourself, if you are not an expert? amateur will not be able to cope with such a fine job, and you risk to spoil the cooler.


Now carefully return the rubber stopper on theplace, making sure the oil does not spread out and not to get housing. Carefully and gently wipe the body of impurities. After that, return to the place of round stickers.


It happens that after peeling stickerlost their shape or simply glued into place. It's not scary, replace it with a piece of adhesive tape stationery usual, just cut it in shape and size.


In reverse order, set the fan in place and connect the connector.
Now much cooler operationrise, it will work as just bought. But remember that after some time on the thermal effects of the lubricant evaporates, so this procedure is done regularly. Good luck and good work of your cooler!

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