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How to lubricate a bicycle chain

How to lubricate a bicycle chain

A bicycle chain as any other mechanism is subject to wear. It depends on the conditions in which it operates.

Particular attention should be paid to how to properly lubricate the chain is.

First of all it is necessary to understand which greaseuse. Here it is necessary to choose a compromise between the liquid and the viscosity of the composition. The thinner the lubricant, the deeper it penetrates deep into the joints of the chain, but the chain will often require re-lubrication. Among the liquid composition suitable silicone lubricant in tubes with a narrow neck that allows point-applied lubricant on the joints of the chain links. Grease, such as graphite, will stay on the chain longer, but its penetration ability is much lower. A compromise option would be the use of special bicycle compounds that possess adaptive properties - it becomes a liquid while in motion a chain, and during parking - thickens.
If the wallet allows, you can useengine oil for chain saws and motorcycles. This oil has a balanced physical and antistatic properties, thanks to which the chain will remain clear in any weather. In this lubrication circuit will function properly when run from 500 to 1500 km. For example, the very popular lubricant Motul C4 Chain Lube FL, which cost over 400 ml will not be less than 600 rubles. In no event it is impossible to use conventional motor oil that is poured into the car's engine. It is not intended for use in the environment, in the air. It will be very quickly accumulate the dirt.
Before you begin to blur, her chainmust be cleaned. Doing this is either with a soft dry cloth (if the chain is not heavily soiled) or soaked in kerosene (if the chain is heavily polluted and crunches while driving). For more thorough cleaning it is possible to use a special machine. It consists of a plastic box and scrubbing, which are qualitatively purified circuit. The box is pour or kerosene, or a special blend to clean the chain, which is sold in specialty stores. At the worst fit soaked in kerosene stiff toothbrush to clean the chain.
Once the chain glistens, you can startlubrication process. If the user decided to use a bicycle grease, the best solution is to use a toothbrush. In no event it is impossible to lubricate the whole chain sploshnyakom, otherwise the dirt will stick to it, and the chain breaks quickly. It should be applied only to grease the joint of the links, removing excess grease with a soft dry cloth. The same applies to liquid formulations. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times so that the grease has penetrated into the circuit.
Subsequent lubrication should take place inDepending on how easy it is moving along the chain and cassette system, as well as what kind of sound it makes. If the chain does not rattle, squeak and not while driving does not stick, the chain lubrication is not required.

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