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HOW long stretch shoes

As long stretch shoes

New shoes or boots usually seem very comfortable only in the store. After the master shoe begins to wear, it is usually initially acquires a couple of corns or grated.

But these problems can be avoided if you know how to stretch the shoes.

There are several proven ways.



The most frequently used method of carry shoes,shoes or boots - alcohol. Moisten the inner surface of the tight shoes with alcohol or vodka, dressed in thick socks and wear uncomfortable footwear on their feet. Then moisten with alcohol or vodka uppers and walk it around the house a couple of hours. Make no mistake: it will stretch, including long!


The irreplaceable assistant to overcome the narrowness of shoes - the usual boiling water. Pour into the brand-new leather shoes a little hot water, as it were, rinsing footwear. You can then put on shoes and wander around the apartment. From this procedure, the skin will certainly expand.


can carry footwear and not putting it. Just tamp shoes wet newspaper and leave to dry. But in any case, do not put the battery, simply dry at room temperature, otherwise get deformed galoshes, and the shoe is not graceful.

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