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Common inbox

With the invention of the internet people became more mobile, independent information and has at its disposal a flexible tool for the job, as well as a great tool for entertainment.

However, in this field of activity is easy to become the victim of excess.

One mailbox for offline with the same interests,the other for the social network, the third simply because they have a better than not to have. In some people, the number of mailboxes exceeds all reasonable limits. If you ask about the exact number, not every such person will be able to accurately answer the question. But where exactly is the reasonable limit, when "enough already."

Boxes for all occasions

If you think about what can be usefulmailboxes, the following picture emerges here. Each person in the network requires a minimum one e-mail. This is convenient, useful for registrations in various forums, receiving newsletters and other details for normal operation. After all, how many boxes does not start, all of them simultaneously vospolzueshsya.

The desire to make boxes for all occasions will inevitably lead to great confusion.

On the other hand, in the registration boxIt proposed to introduce a second address for password recovery to first. Not always helps control question, you can just forget it. And if there is a second address, there is always the possibility to use it and have access to the correct box.
Some people prefer to have a separate addressfor "ICQ", "Skype", «Agent", plus a forum for each box. This can be useful if you are engaged in so-called "guerrilla marketing" or in common "spam." In this case, you must register for the various resources as a new person, send messages, make reference to the target audience. How many people has helped a large list of addresses in this case!
In addition, security enthusiasts and geniusesmasking can have many addresses just so that no one could determine which box real. However, it requires only that if you're a hacker, or have to go to see a psychiatrist. However, if you're paranoid, it does not mean that it is not watching you.

A reasonable number of addresses

If you are not an expert in covert advertising, nothacker, not a security expert, and not paranoid, in ordinary cases, requires only 2 drawers. This is dictated by simple common sense. Since the first need for everything you can imagine on the web. This registration in forums, online games, conversations with friends, newsletter and so on. The second box is required if you want to restore first.

Total 2 drawers enough to feel safe on the Internet.

You can increase the number of boxes onlyIf you find an interesting e-mail server, offers a unique opportunity to manage mail. In this case, you can get a new address on it, and just leave the old memory or delete, by notifying all the friends of his decision. And then any people will not be confused or you do not get stuck in their addresses.

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