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How long does the driver have a medical certificate

How long does the driver have a medical certificate

Now it is difficult to surprise someone by the presence of the driving experience.

However, not all people have dreamsdriver's license, it is known that the first and foremost need to pass a medical examination and obtain a certificate, admitting a person to the control of a vehicle.

How to pass the driver's commission

When a driver's medical certificate need to pass medical commission, which includes visits to specialists such as an ophthalmologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, surgeon.
According to the changes, which came into force on March 31,2014, the conclusion of such doctors, as a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist is necessary to get it to specialized medical institutions. However, they must belong to a public health system and at the place of residence of the driver or the person who is planning to go to driving school or at his place of temporary residence, if necessary, get help as soon as possible.
The algorithm looks like this helpmanner. First, a person passes a medical examination in the clinic and get your hands on a certificate of the established sample. With it, he is sent to drug treatment and mental hospital, where doctors visits necessary. After receiving their permission to drive the car and putting all seals must return to the center, where a certificate has been issued. There's the head physician has finished document formatting and fully reassure the driver's medical certificate.

Police certificates

Help is considered valid for 2 yearsfrom the date of its receipt. Moreover, persons suffering from various diseases, and therefore having to health restrictions, should pass the driver's medical commission every year. Despite this, most driver's license is issued for 10 years, and change it often is required.
Before the changes entered into force, which beganto act in the end of March 2014, the medical certificate is considered valid for 3 years from the date of receipt. And those who have reached retirement age or who have certain medical conditions, were forced to change the certificate every two years.
Driver's medical certificate mayrequired in several cases. Firstly, during the passage of training in a driving school just before the exams at grade A, B, C, D and E, necessary to have a reference. Second, once in 10 years is necessary to carry out the replacement of old driving license for a new. In the traffic police needed a fresh medical certificate. Third, in case of loss of driver's license, or need to change the name, first name or middle name as the driver for the traffic in the new document, required to provide a certificate of the established sample.

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