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How long does the creation of a site

How long does the creation of a site

The amount of time spent by webmasterswriting a site depends on a number of factors, which include the complexity of the design used in its implementation means qualified developers.

Depending on these parameters, and will be determined by the accumulated time spent on resource development.

Developing a blog on the finished engine

Least of all time takes website creation,which is positioned as a blog, and works on the basis of one of the engines offered on the market. Popular CMS (Content Management System) allows for a short time to create full-featured resource, which will be the last recording blogger, commenting on the possibility of posts and other user registration, etc. Depending on customer requirements to create such a site can take anywhere from 3 to 30 days. Execution speed depends on the individual skills to create a website, and the availability of ready content for partial filling resource. This website design is based on ready-made theme skins for CMS and just need a little editing interface.

Create an online store

On the creation of high-quality online store atfinished filling the engine with content and product units may take at least two months. The most significant projects can be implemented for a period of six months or more, depending on the amount of goods and payment methods used, the desired functionality, etc. If necessary, a redesign of the engine is produced, followed by the addition of functionality, layout. Most time is spent filling the resource commodities.

Creating a website is really high quality time-consuming process.

Creating a site from scratch

With self-writing engine to the sitedevelopment team site creation process may be delayed for a period that begins 3 months or more. Above this website a large group of developers, some of which are involved in the programming, and the other - the design, debugging and filling content. Creating a large resource can last for several years and at the same time be a product of the work of a large group of specialists.

The most significant steps in the writing site is designing and debugging.

Full editing an existing engineIt takes less time that can be spent on the introduction of the principles of the program of work, writing your own modules, interface redesign, functional change, etc. This work is aimed at correcting the shortcomings that have already finished CMS. This work is also carried out by the development team and can take quite a long time.

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