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How long is the beach season in Turkey

How long is the beach season in Turkey

Turkey - one of the most ancient countries with a rich history and distinctive traditions.

There are many attractions, interesting buildings and beautiful nature.

And this country is famous for its developed industry beach holiday, which claimed the inhabitants of different countries.

The duration of the bathing season in Turkey

Beach season in Turkey starts in May, whenthe air temperature is warm enough for sunbathing and water starts to warm gradually. If in April was very warm and sunny, in the beginning of May in the Mediterranean Sea is already possible to swim. The water temperature at this time normally reaches 20-21oS above zero, while the air is heated to 25-27oS heat. Of course, at this time on the beaches of Turkey is better to rest for those who like a refreshing and invigorating seawater.

On the beaches of Marmaris is better to go closer to the middle of May, because at the beginning of this month, the water temperature in the Aegean Sea can be even cooler.

In June, the sea warms up to 25 ° C heat already, thenas the day temperature reaches 30-35oS. At the end of the month in the resorts of Turkey is even hotter - this weather persists until the end of the summer. Rainy days is not seen in Turkey, but the humidity is relatively high, especially in the morning.
water in the Mediterranean Throughout September andAegean Sea is very warm, while the air temperature begins to decrease gradually. This is the best time to relax on the beaches of Turkey, as there is no longer heat waves, nice breeze blowing in the evening, and swim in the sea is especially nice. In addition to the end of the month in hotels there is no such crowded as in the summer.
Velvet season in Turkey starts in October -the last month of the beach season. Typically, in the first decade still remains a good warm weather and the sea water is pleasant enough for swimming, and in the middle and at the end of October is much more likely to fall rainy days and can blow quite a cool breeze. However, a year on year is not necessary - October is a month full delight of tourists with good weather or, conversely, from the early days to get rid of all the heavy rains the beach.

In October, the best vacation in the resorts of Antalya and Alanya, where the heat and the sun goes last.

What to see in Turkey

During a beach holiday in Turkey canenjoy not only the bright sunshine and azure water, and go on excursions. You can visit the mountain springs in Pamukkale, ancient city of Ephesus and the world, to go down the mountain river, or take a ride on the mountain range on ATVs. In addition, visitors to Marmaris often offer tours to the Greek island of Rhodes, and those who are resting in Antalya or Alanya - trip to Israel.

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