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How long ago the complaint to court

The limitation period for the claim set is not a judge, but the law

Filing a claim in court, mostly civilian, usually accompanied by a mass of necessary formalities, including adherence to the so-called statute of limitations.

Violation of the past is almost always a guarantee of defeat in the process.

When there is a statute of limitations?

It is understood as the time that is given to the plaintiff,to try to protect someone violated rights. Putting this concept it has been caused by the desire of the state to accelerate the process of reviewing claims. And at the same time relieve the courts littered with such statements, the red tape.

What terms?

On the expiry of claims not judge itthe duty of a procedural opponents. Most of these statements are made by those who are more profitable - the defendants. On hearing after the court generally refuses to protect the claimant.

There are only two: general and special. The first is used, for example, when a dispute on the loan and is three years. The second is more dependent on the facts. So, to challenge the lawfulness of dismissal is given one month. If the seller violates the rules of the so-called pre-emption, the period is three months. Actions against those who must drawer, valid for no more than six months. When the requirement to compensate the damages caused by the transport of third-party organizations in Georgia, the period will be equal to year. Prescription of cases of property insurance is evaluated in the two calendar years. A section of the ex-spouses chairs and dishes, and can last up to three years.

Maximum time limits, respectively, five, sixand ten years, set for court claims to construction contractors for damages at pollution by tankers and other ships of the seas and coastal areas of petroleum products, with the poor performance of domestic contract.

Request stop

The countdown period starts from the date when the plaintiff first learned of the violation of rights. The second option - had to learn quickly and react.

Suspend the limitation period can only beas an exception. Exceptions are only five. And they have to be in the last six months before submitting a claim. The first exception is called force majeure. She is considered a tsunami, earthquake or another disaster like revolution or strike. A second similar case - the plaintiff's army service in war or declaration of martial law. The exception number three is issued by the judge for the postponement of the defendant. Fourth situation appears when stopped suddenly work necessary rule of law. Finally, the duration of "frozen", unless the parties have decided to come to an agreement with the assistance of a mediator, the mediator.

Forget about time

Does not have a statute of limitations so righteousthe plaintiff's claim as compensation for damage caused to health or life- the desire to return to the depositor honestly earned, but blocked by the bank money- protection of moral rights. Do not set the period and the deprivation of the owner or the owner's property illegally.

In some cases, which can also be calledexceptional, the court enters the sad situation of the plaintiff and restores life. By respectful, and be sure to include personal reasons, such as serious illness, illiteracy and helplessness of the plaintiff.

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