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How to get to the site Classmates

How to enter the site Classmates

Classmates - one of the most popular social projects designed for socializing, dating and running your own business.

But to take full advantage of the resources needed to create a personal home page and go to it, stating their credentials.

Registration is required

Home Classmates can only goregistered users. Therefore, if you do not have a social network in the personal profile, proceed to its creation. What you first need to go to the home page and complete the registration process. Copy and paste into the address bar of your browser the following combination www.odnoklassniki.ru. Find the official page of the social network you can and with the help of a search engine. To do this, enter a keyword in the search bar - "classmates" and click the link where the address is specified "Odnoklassniki - a social network."
On the main page under the fields "Username" and "Password"there is a link that says "Sign Up." Click on it and fill in the required fields in the new window that opens. In particular, the need to specify the name, gender, date of birth, place of residence, email address, username, which you use to access the site. You will also need to specify a password - a kind of cipher, which ensures the safety of your personal data on the site.

Try to think of a password as possiblecomplex, from 6 to 12 characters using letters, numbers and symbols. And never give him a stranger to no one was able to use to log on to your page.

To enter the site, you will need to simultaneously enter the login and access code to the page - password.
Next, you need to press the button"Sign up." Then you find yourself at your personal, just created the page. But in order to start enjoying all the features of the site will have to specify your phone number, with which you can always regain access to the page. On the toolbar, find the button "Alerts" and click "Show Room". After that you will only have to activate the profile. Please note that the activation is free of charge, so to pay for anything you do not have.

After activating the account number you willaccess to all functions of classmates. You will be able to find friends, to carry out correspondence, upload photos, music and videos, participate in interest groups, etc.

The Classmates - no problem

To access the site you will need to Classmatesspecify your credentials - username and password. But if you put a tick links "Remember Me" identification procedures can be avoided. For the fastest access to the profile also can save a link to your personal page as a bookmark in your browser. To access the profile, in this case it will be enough just to click on the appropriate inscription - "Classmates".

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