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HOW Slavs lived

As Slavs lived

Life last Slavs is genuine interest not only in their direct descendants, but also in other cultures.

Life of our ancestors in their own very attractive and mysterious.



Residents of forests and grasslands

The Slavs began to settle with the territoryPrykarpattya and the headwaters of the Dniester, along the Danube, Dniester, Vistula, Elbe, Volga and Oka. Mountains and steppes were not interested in our ancestors, so they settled near the lowland rivers - cut down forests, built dwellings in the meadows. This factor greatly influenced the formation of life, and even the nature of the Slavic ethnic group.

Our ancestors were engaged in fishing, huntingwild boars, bears and elk. We pick berries and mushrooms. Somewhat later, the Slavs began to cut out areas to grow crops suitable for cooking and weaving.


united people

Ancient Slavs did everything together - the whole village burned wood, ashes fertilize the soil, plowed land. They worked diligently all, laziness is not encouraged. A special reverence enjoyed older men.


Simple life

Special refinement of the life of the Slavs did not differ. Our ancestral home was located partially in the ground. The roofs were thatched. During the cold and rainy window openings were closed boards. In the house there were wooden benches and tables, stove with stones and clay. Slavs often slept on bundles of hay, over which the stele animal skins. The dishes were all also made of clay. The clothes were made of linen. Residence topilos on black. Smoke was coming out of the windows. To keep heat in the house, doorways were low.


Construction of settlements

In the early period, when the inhabitants of the neighboring villagesoften in conflict with each other, the Slavs surrounded their villages earthen ditches, deep ditches and palisades poles. We tried to have settlements in areas where protection is natural - in the hills, surrounded by rivers.


Fantastic world of Slavs

Our ancestors inspired the natural elements - wind andthe river, the sun and the earth. Slavs believed that mermaids live in water and water in the forest - goblins, the houses - houses. By the spirits of the ancestors treated with caution and respect. The holidays lit bonfires, sang songs and circle dances.

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