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As a knight lived

As the knights lived

The life and accomplishments of medieval knights covered with legends.

In novels and movies of historical warriors in armor commit numerous feats in the name of his ladylove or engage in bloody battles on the side of his master.

And what was the traditional way of life of a medieval knight?



Any knight sought to ensure that live in theirown castle. Not everyone has such a structure could afford, because the construction of the castle required considerable resources and capabilities. Usually, locks are owned by the Knights, who had noble origins, or get rich in the service of his master. Less wealthy medieval warriors lived in modest estates in the hope of getting rich.


Traditionally, castles were built in the most convenientplaces, the approaches to which were protected from a sudden attack of enemies natural barriers and strong walls. To enter into the living room, you had to go through the gate and up a steep stone staircase. The stairs leading to the castle, was constructed quite ingeniously.


Most often, the stairs were in castles and screwcurling up from left to right. The fact that the locks built taking into account possible enemy attack. Going up the stairs, holding a sword in his right hand, the enemy found himself in an uncomfortable position for an attack. Often the stone steps interspersed with wood, removing that can be done in steps insurmountable emptiness.


The main room was grand knight's castleHall. There were feasts and were visiting actors. The room was dim, because the small windows were protected by metal grilles. Window openings are closed canvases from bovine bladder. Glass in the Middle Ages were too dorogi- they could only boast the palaces of the richest lords, dukes and kings.


Premises knight's castle illuminated resintorches. They are stuck in a special rack or ring, located in the walls. Additional lighting gave a fireplace in which burned logs and large chunks of wood. In the premises of the castle is almost always standing persistent smell of burning, soot and smoke.


In peacetime, the life of the inhabitants knight's castleIt was rather monotonous, dull and solitary. The owner of the castle was engaged in hunting, practiced martial art, followed by a servant leading economy, and, at best, took the visiting travelers: wandering monks, minstrels, merchants. Only in the days of great celebrations, jousting or weddings castle filled with many guests come from all over the neighborhood. Such events are always eagerly anticipated and brought the knights are not less fun than participating in wars.

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