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How the Knights lived


How the Knights lived</a>

The life and achievements of medieval knights are covered with legends.

In novels and historical films, warriors in armor perform numerous feats in the name of their lady of heart or participate in bloody battles on the side of their master.

And what was the traditional way of life of a medieval knight?



Any knight aspired to live in his ownIts own castle. Not everyone could afford such a construction, because the construction of the castle required considerable resources and opportunities. As a rule, the locks were owned by those knights who had a noble lineage or got rich in the service of their master. Less wealthy medieval warriors lived in modest estates in the hope of getting rich.


Traditionally, castles were built in the most convenientPlaces, approaches to which were protected from a sudden attack of enemies by natural obstacles and powerful walls. To enter the living room, it was necessary to go through the gate and climb the steep stone staircase. The staircase leading to the castle was arranged quite cunningly.


Most often, the staircases in the castles were screwed andCurled up from left to right. The fact is that the castles were built taking into account the possible attack of the enemy. Rising on such a ladder and holding the sword in his right hand, the enemy was in an uncomfortable position for attack. Often, stone steps alternated with wooden steps, taking off those, it was possible to make difficult stairs in the staircase.


The main building of the knight's castle was the ceremonialHall. In it passed feasts and acted visiting actors. The hall was dark, because the small windows were protected by metal grilles. Window openings were covered with canvasses from a bull's bubble. Glasses in the Middle Ages were too expensive, they could only boast palaces of the wealthiest lords, dukes and kings.


The rooms of the knight's castle were lit with resinTorches. They were stuck in special stands or rings, located in the walls. Additional lighting provided a fireplace, in which large logs and whole pieces of wood burned. In the rooms of the castle, there was almost always a persistent smell of burning, soot and smoke.


In peacetime, the life of the inhabitants of a knight's castleWas rather monotonous, boring and secluded. The owner of the castle was engaged in hunting, practiced in the art of war, watched the servants conduct farming, and at best took visiting travelers: vagrant monks, minstrels, merchants. Only on days of great festivities, knight tournaments or wedding events, the castle was filled with numerous guests coming from all over the region. Such events were always expected with impatience and brought knights as much pleasure as participation in wars.

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