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HOW MUCH do rabbits live


How many live rabbits </a>

The life expectancy of rabbits depends on the conditions of their maintenance, nutrition and caring for the offspring.

On average, these animals live for 6 years, but if they create good conditions for them, you can increase this period to 8-9 years.

If earlier as petsContained only cats and dogs, then today no one is surprised by a person walking with a dwarf pig, chameleon or turtle. In the house began to hold giant snails, crocodiles and in particular, ornamental rabbits. Choosing a pet at the flea market, many future owners are interested in how many years they live, because you do not want to bury a pet in 2-3 years, for which you will have time to get used to it and fall in love.

What determines the duration of their life

In many respects the life expectancy of decorative andDwarf rabbits depends on the conditions of their maintenance. The cage for the pet should be such that it was spacious there. The room should be regularly ventilated, but drafts to rabbits are contraindicated. Close proximity to other pets, as well as household appliances such as TV, radio and electric stove will create a lot of nuisance for fuzzy, the same can be said for the bright sun.
To extend the life of a decorative rabbit,You need to properly organize his "living space". A small tub of plastic is ideal for regular natural needs. In this case, daily cleaning is needed only for the bath, the cage can be cleaned once in 7 days. The diet also largely determines the life span of rabbits.
In summer, the main "dish on their table" should be grass andVegetable tops, and in the winter - hay. Very like rabbits tree branches and bark, they will not refuse from carrots, cabbage, pears and apples. Such pets need and in solid forages - grains of wheat, oats, bran, oatmeal and special mixed fodder. It is better if the feeder is heavy and bulky, so that the animal can not turn it, and as a drinking bowl the nipple will do.

Care for the offspring

Care of offspring also directly affectsLife expectancy of rabbits. The fertility of these animals is known to everyone, for a year the number of okolov can reach 8 times. If the mother and her offspring are provided with proper care, a feeding regime and all conditions for normal growth, then the animals can live for a long time - up to 8-9 years. An animal aged 3-4 years is considered an adult, after this age the aging process starts: the males become less active, and the females each time bring less and less rabbit. But if you love this pet, treat it carefully, do not scream and do not scare, it will long please the family with their amusing games and habits.

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