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HOW live ornamental rabbits

How many live ornamental rabbits

Caring for pets requires providing him a good living environment, with the exception of stress, peaceful existence.

Under these conditions, any pet can live a very long life.

Decorative Rabbit - a creature similar to a hare, but the color of the fur they have more diverse. As owners of rabbits claim animals are very smart, quite clean, and keep them nice homes.
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How many live rabbits

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Those who are just going to take the housedecorative rabbit, often ask the question: what is their life expectancy? In decorative rabbits life expectancy is 7-8 years. It is not often, but still there are rabbits centenarians. It may be called the animal that lived more than 10 years.
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Many people think that the life expectancy of suchrodents depends on the breed, but this opinion is not correct. In how many years will live rabbit, will affect quite different factors and depends on the breed is very small.
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How can we extend the life of the rabbit

Heredity is a big influence on how muchwill live rabbit. If parents have a rodent were healthy, he has a good chance to become a long-liver, as it spared the disease is inherited.
Care, feeding, content, too, haveimpact on health, and therefore the duration of animal life. At the wrong attitude to feeding a rabbit, you can inadvertently damage the gastrointestinal tract. Dwarf and miniature rabbits are much softer than ordinary.
Any illness, injury during life cansubstantially shorten Krolikova century. Therefore, do not take risks - it is necessary to protect the rabbit move around the cage, so that he could not awkward leap cause injury. Rabbit should be protected from the cold.
The image of the pet life it is necessary to maintain suchthat the animals could run and walk plenty. Animal fairly mobile, active, moving it needs. If the rabbit kept in a cage, it is necessary to produce a walk once or twice a day for at least an hour. Some of the owners have the ability to equip a large animal enclosure - all the better for it.
Those animals that sit out long hours in crampedcells and little moved, almost no run, much more often there will be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, obesity can begin. All this is very bad for the liver and heart of the rabbit, which will start to hurt.
The absence of stress, the manifestations of love for the animallike stroking, scratching and are very helpful to prolong his life. With good care, careful attention to the little animal he is able to live long enough for the rabbit's life.

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