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HOW live hamsters

How to live hamsters

Hamsters - one of the most popular pets.

They are easy to get used to life in a cage or aquarium, and do not require time-consuming care.

The main thing - time to clean the habitat of animals and how to change the drinking water frequently.



Hamsters - nocturnal animals. The peak of their activity to the period from 11 pm to 4 am. Therefore, if you do not want pets woke you with its rustling, place the cage or aquarium in the spare room or in the hallway. Despite their size, these animals are very noisy, they dig for food in the litter, spinning in a wheel, running one after the other. Therefore it is better to be a house standing where it anybody will not interfere with rest.

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Hamsters - not very social animals andeasy to spend all my life alone. To not miss a hamster, put it in a cage or aquarium tread wheel, put wooden toys. Rubber and plastic can not be used, the hamster will chew on them, and harmful material gets into the stomach.

how to wash Jungar hamster


In nature hamsters eat cereal, leaves,nuts, hay, vegetables. The same feed and pet. Currently, the pet enough food for small rodents. Better to buy a ready-made, as it Shuffle several types of grains, nuts and fruits added. In some pieces of chalk mixtures are present, and vitamins. All this is very useful for home hamsters.

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In the wild hamsters are a lot of moving,to get food. Houses do not need to search for food, get fat rodents, muscle atrophy, they become ill. To be healthy hamster, let him run around the room. Just close all the gaps, or hamster can hide and chew furniture or wires. In the summer take out a hamster for a walk on the street. Not only does it run in the grass, but pogryzet dandelion leaves and young shoots of nettles. This vitamin bait hamster will be very helpful.

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Keep the hamster home. Every day change the litter that was not a specific smell. In the morning, pour clean water. Can be used for hamsters bird waterers - closed flasks with a spout. In them the water is not contaminated and does not deteriorate as rapidly as in the bowl.

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