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How many live guinea pigs

Guinea pigs - popular pets. They are quite clever, they can recognize the owner, happy to sit on their hands and allow themselves to stroke.

At the same time enough small animals and are satisfied with the cell.

Another plus - live pigs for a long time, almost like a cat or a dog.

Long century little guinea pig

Guinea pig: how it looks
Choosing a pet, the future owner does notin the least worried about how long can live animal. After all, animal, even small, can become a member of the family, and his loss will be very painful. In this regard, the guinea pig - pet friendly enough. Unlike small rodents, such as mice, rats and hamsters, it can survive from nine to thirteen. The Guinness Book of Records mentions domestic guinea pig, who died at a very advanced age - in the sixteenth year of life.
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How to make life more guinea pig long

the floor of the guinea pig
For the term guinea pig life is affected by manyfactors, and first of all - it's hereditary. If the animal was lucky his parents were long-lived, and the genes are formed in a successful combination, the chances of your pet also live to a ripe old age is high. Of course, choosing the animal, you can not know its genotype, but you can ask the breeder how old your pet's parents, his grandmother and great-grandmother lived a long time. There is a high probability that your guinea pig live no less.
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Diseases, even successfully cured, ableshorten the life of the animal. The healthier your pet is, the longer it will stay with you. Pay attention to disease prevention. Make sure that in your guinea pig's diet had all the necessary material, let the animal vitamin supplements regularly and wear a veterinary clinic for check-ups. So you can be sure that the favorite is healthy, and nothing to worry about.
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Guinea pigs - herd animals, and lifealone can adversely affect the health of your pet. To animal was not bored, it is better initially start their pairs. If you do not plan on getting offspring, select animals of the same sex - they get along well together and will entertain you with their antics. It is not necessary to take animals from the same litter, you can even make guinea pigs of different breeds. If they know each other since childhood, they will have time to make friends.
To be healthy, you need a guinea pigmove. These animals were kept in large cells but toys, such as wheels, intended for rats and hamsters pigs not suitable - they are too fragile spine. Periodically release the pig run around the apartment, but at the same time make sure that it does not gnawed wires or stuck under the couch or cabinet.

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