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HOW live domestic Jungar hamsters

Jungar hamster

Lifespan Jungar hamsters are not as large and depends on the conditions of detention and treatment.

This should be considered before purchasing a pet.

To animal lived happily ever after, you must comply with the rules necessary for its existence.

What is the average Jungar hamsters live at home

sick hamsters
Lifespan hamsters, alas, is not as long as in many other pets. Therefore, before purchasing the hamster must take into account that the terms of the life of a pet is modest.
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Hamsters live in captivity for a couple of years more thanin wild nature. On average, dzhungariki live 2-3 years. During this time, the body wears a hamster, and animal die a natural death, regardless of the conditions, as it is fixed by nature. Term life for all hamsters nearly identical.
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Despite the short life, caring for a hamster - isinteresting and exciting experience, for both adults and children. If you want to make dzhungarika, you can safely do so, do not get hung up on age limits. There are rare cases where the hamsters lived more than 3 years with a comfortable environment for them.

If properly follow the rules of care for a hamster, follow the right diet, it is possible that the hamster will be long-lived.
The most important thing - is to surround pet atmosphere of love and care, which is one of the main factors of its long and happy life. Therefore, as a result of live pet depends on its host.
what and how to wash Jungar hamster

What determines the life span of Jungar hamsters

How can I keep Jungar hamsters
Jungar hamsters are convenient for homecontent, but require careful care. Before buying a hamster need to read special literature or consult your veterinarian to know how to properly care for these animals, thereby providing it with a long life. Choosing Jungar hamster, you should pay attention to its appearance - fur should be soft and silky, his eyes - brilliant, and the creature - with active and mobile.
Then you need to pick up a large cage. It is desirable that it be furnished with a special container for water. It - steppe animals and quite active. They need a lot of space. The larger the cage, the better.
Rodent should be fed special feed, inwhich should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Food can be purchased at any pet store. If the animal does not eat a certain food, you should try to buy another. Poor appetite can also be a cause of the disease. In this case, you need to visit the vet.
In addition to the special feed, should dzhungarikovfeed grass, vegetables and fruit, grain can be given. For hamster teeth may be useful branches of the tree. Always in the cage should be water for a rodent.
To extend the life of a hamster, you need to carefullyfollow the beast. Do not allow to drafts as this heat-loving animals. Keep the cage clean, avoid germs and infections that are dangerous to the life of a hamster. It is necessary to observe the behavior and activity of the animal, at the slightest manifestations of malaise or illness immediately contact your veterinarian.
Subject to all rules of care dzhungarikom a long and happy life pet ensured. How many live hamsters, as they continue to please their masters cheerfulness and mobility.

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