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HOW live butterflies

How many live butterflies

Butterflies - one of the most fascinating weightless and representatives of the world fauna.

It would seem that they meted out a little time trying to please people with his natural grace and charm.

But if you approach the issue from a scientific point of view, this assumption can not be considered valid to the fullest.

Beautiful creatures

how to feed the butterflies
On the duration of life is affected by many butterfliesvariety of factors. This climatic conditions, and belonging to a certain type, and the presence of a unique color, which may become the object of desire for collectors. The very existence of these same Lepidoptera can be divided into several successive stages: egg, larva or caterpillar, pupa and adult, known as imago.
How to breed butterflies
If we talk about averages, thenthe duration of the egg stage is in the range between 8-15 days. The larvae mature for several days, but sometimes the process takes years, usually not exceeding seven years. Formation of pupae can also take a small number of days and can reach up to three years. Adult insects, accustomed to human visual perception, usually live only two - three weeks, with a few exceptions.
How does the copper-butterfly butterfly
How does some kinds of butterflies failssustain itself in its various stages of such long periods of time? This is due to the fact that insects, mostly living in the northern latitudes, have the ability to go into hibernation. During it all the metabolic processes slow down, and the body there is no need to waste energy on excessive maintenance. In this state, the butterflies are stable enough even to pesticides that people treated crop.
In winged beauties has another amazingfeature. If they do not have time to accumulate enough nutrients to move to the next stage of formation, it does not kill them. On the contrary, the duration of the unfinished phase increases for the required period, reaching up to several years, especially in the stages of larvae and pupae.

Interesting facts

Butterflies titled monarch monarch is unique representative of its kind. They live in the adult stage from nine months to a year, setting an unofficial record of Lepidoptera of data in the world.
The life cycle of a butterfly Brixton lasts for ten months. However, in contrast to the aforementioned relatives, this applies mostly to her stay in the image of a caterpillar and pupae.
The shortest life released copper-butterfly - alla few days. About twenty days has the ability to flit on natural expanses pierid cabbage - typical Russian representative. By the way, the name it has earned thanks to the fact that cabbage - one of the components of this insect feed a caterpillar.

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