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HOW MUCH do butterflies live


How many butterflies live</a>

Butterflies - one of the most weightless and fascinating representatives of the world of fauna.

It would seem that they have measured little time to please people with their natural grace and charm.

But if you approach this issue from a scientific point of view, then this assumption can not be called reliable to the full.

Beautiful creatures

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The life expectancy of butterflies is affected by manyVarious factors. This is the climatic conditions, and belonging to a certain species, and the presence of a unique color, which can become the object of lust for the collector. The very existence of these lepidoptera can be divided into several successive stages: an egg, a larva or a caterpillar, a pupa and an adult specimen called the imago.
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If we talk about mean values, thenThe duration of the egg stage varies between 8-15 days. Larvae ripen for several days, but sometimes the process stretches for years, usually not exceeding seven years. The formation of the pupa can also take a small number of days, and can reach up to three years. Adult insects, habitual for human visual perception, usually live only two to three weeks, with rare exceptions.
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How does some species of butterflies manage toTo maintain their existence at its various stages for such long periods of time? This is due to the fact that insects, mainly inhabiting the northern latitudes, have the ability to fall into anabiosis. During it, all metabolic processes slow down, and the body does not need to waste excessive energy on maintaining them. In this state butterflies are quite resistant even to pesticides, by which people process the harvest.
The winged beauties have another amazingfeature. If they did not manage to accumulate enough nutrients to go to the next stage of formation, this does not kill them. On the contrary, the duration of the unfinished phase increases for the necessary period of time, reaching several years, especially in the stages of caterpillars and pupae.

Interesting facts

Butterflies called Danaida-monarch are unique representatives of their species. They live in the adult stage from nine months to a year, setting an unofficial record in the world of these Lepidoptera.
The life cycle of the Bristestone butterfly lasts for ten months. However, unlike the above-mentioned relatives, it extends mainly to her stay in the image of caterpillars and pupae.
The shortest life is given to pigeons - onlya few days. About twenty days has the ability to flit through the natural expanse of cabbage cabbage - a typical Russian representative. By the way, it deserved its name due to the fact that cabbage is one of the constituent parts of the caterpillar of this insect.

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