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HOW liberated

As liberated

In recent years, more and more people began to notice that the emotional restraint - this is a serious problem. They cease to communicate normally with people and express the natural emotional experience.

Hence, a number of problems: unpleasant inner sense of self, lack of confidence in their abilities, problems communicating with people and, as a consequence, forced loneliness.

Most likely, the reason lies in the innate personality type and characteristics of the character or an acquired trait.

What should be done to people who want to be liberated and become confident individuals themselves?



To begin, decide what you want to change inyourself and find sources of problems. For example, ask yourself this question: do you always speak freely with strangers? Probably no. Since this situation is also possible to cope, if we define the true motives of this reason. There are many reasons to fear: the occurrence of difficulties in the selection of suitable topics of conversation, the fear of appearing ridiculous or stupid, small vocabulary, complexes concerning appearance, etc. Only when you realize the problem objectively, you will be able to find ways to resolve it.


In order to be liberated and humanmore sociable, you need to gradually acquire the means of communication with other people: how verbal and visual: facial expressions, gestures and body language. Trying to make your speech more emotional, exciting and relaxed. This will be the interlocutor for the feedback sign and it will be interesting to communicate with you. Remember, the eyes - a mirror of the soul! In conversation, do not immerse them in the floor, and look people in the eye and follow the stately posture. If you is not very good, you should practice before a mirror with her reflection. And as much as you can talk, coaching and developing these skills. This method can certainly help you to be liberated.

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