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How to Lace Birches


How to Lace Birches</a>

Bertsi is a very comfortable and strong footwear, which almost never gets wet, but weighs no more than the usual autumn sneakers. But this shoe has one significant disadvantage - they are long and hard to lace.

However, to ensure that the laces do not cause much trouble, you will need only a little knack.



On the one hand, the lacing of the turtles is not the caseSo complicated. It is enough to lace them up only once, and then only slightly loosen the strings from above. But all is not so simple: only with the correct lacing the turtles are able to perform their basic function (to protect the foot from injuries and strains). Inept lacing can overstretch the foot and interfere with the blood supply to the foot.


The most reliable today is lacing throughLoops and rings, this is worth remembering when choosing shoes. But for hooks, in addition to laces, foreign objects and even clothes can cling. Traditional and well-known lacing through holes can unevenly compress the foot, which will lead to discomfort, moreover, such holes in bad weather are poorly protected from moisture.


Before you tie the boots, be sure to put them on your leg. Only in this way you can correctly adjust the density of the lacing both at the bottom of the toe and at the heel.


There are several ways to lace your thighs:
Lacing "cross to the cross." It is very simple: take the lace and thread it horizontally into the two side holes from the bottom (at the toe), then cross the ends of the lace amongst each other and thread them from the bottom up into the next holes. This kind of lacing strongly attracts the feet to the feet.


For turtles, lacing is also ideal"stairs". Take the lace and thread it horizontally into the two lowest holes, then do not cross the ends of the lace, as in the first case, but lift straight and thread the next row of holes from the bottom up. After that, cross the ends of the laces and thread them into the loop formed by the opposite end of the lace, then again take the laces straight up.


But the most suitable for Berts is considered soCalled "army lacing". It runs in just a few seconds. Take the lace and thread it horizontally into the two bottom holes, then lift straight and thread into the next hole. Then cross the shoelaces and thread them from the bottom up into the next row of holes, then lift them straight again.

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