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How to knit with pins panties


How to knit with pins panties</a>

Often in the wardrobe of young children you can find knitted panties. For winter and autumn, can they be knitted from wool? They will be cozy and warm.

For late spring and cool summer? From cotton yarn.

In such pants, the child will not be hot.

Knit them easily enough, and in addition you can tie a jacket and hat.

You will need

  • Yarn, knitting needles No. 3 and No. 3.5.



Rear part:
Type on the spokes number 3 for 25 loops for each leg. Tie eight rows of elastic band 1x1. In the last row of the gum (purl) add 7 loops. 32 loops were obtained.


Knitting continue on knitting needles number 3,5. The loops are as follows: right trousers? 9 face, 9 purl, 9 facial and 5 purl loops. Left trousers? 5 purlins, 9 facial, 9 purl, 9 facial loops.
Continue knitting on the pattern. In each 10 rows add 3 times 1 loop. Add on the inside.


At a distance of 20 cm from the beginning of the product, combine the legs in this way? Type an additional 2 loops between them. It turned out 72 loops. Continue knitting on the pattern for another 18 cm.
At a distance of 38 cm from the beginning of knitting, reduce 12 loops. Decrease evenly.
Tie another 8 rows of rubber band 2x2 and close the loops along the pattern.


Front part:
Tie the front piece of the panties symmetrically to the rear part.


Sew Panties Secret seam. In the belt, thread the elastic braid.

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