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HOW knit one loop three

How to knit from one loop three

Personally related things: hats and scarves, blouses and skirts, shawls and scarves will never lose its relevance.

Virtually every product associated skillful hands, unique and unique. But this requires a certain skill.

But if the most basic ways to knit in stocking and garter face and reverse loops are familiar to many, it's more complex elements of the alleged pattern sometimes cause difficulties.

You will need

  • Yarn, knitting needles, crochet



For example, sometimes the description knit articlestated that the need to knit one loop three at once. And here there is doubt and confusion pattern. But this can be done in different ways element, wherein, as the needles and crochet.


How to knit from one loop to the three spokes. Knit according to the scheme selected pattern, and after you get to the desired item, note its implementation technology.


1 way. Make 1 nakida at work, then pull the front loop of the previous row and the loop again 1 nakida at work. The result will be three loops of one.


2 method. Running is similar to the first method with a small difference. Perform 1 nakida before work, then pull the wrong loop of the previous row loop and then another 1 nakida before work. The result obtained from one loop knit three. Before you perform the item being tested it first on the sample to the addition of loops perfectly fit into the overall picture of the product.


As one of the knit loops of three hook. It is known that can be knit crochet different elements: a column, a column with nakida, double column nakida. But regardless of this, in any case, you can knit one loop three at once. Unlike spokes knit crochet can not only 3 but 5.10.12 loops, i.e. that amount which is required in drawing.


Enter a hook into the loop of the previous row,grab a working thread and pull it through the same loop. Then leave a loop on the hook and make twice the same manipulation in the same loop of the previous row. That is, if the column is performed in a simple conventional row in series, in this case all the similar action, with the difference that the three columns of one loop is performed.


Vyvyazyvanie three loops of one - is one of simple elements. However, a variety of makes its application in a unique pattern of the product.

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