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HOW jog

How to jog

Jogging - universal and affordable health at any age sport.

It does not require special training, expensive equipment and special runs.

To learn jogging can anyone who aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle and taking care of maintaining the active longevity.

You will need

  • - Sportswear and shoes-
  • - A clock or stopwatch.



Assess the level of their physical preparednessI jog. If you suffer from severe heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, the classes can be any run you are contraindicated. You must also refrain from jogging, if you are experiencing a period of acute colds. It is best to consult with your doctor, so as not to harm the body.


Pick the right outfit for a run. Choice of clothes and shoes is determined by the nature of the convenience and the weather outside the window. It is advisable to carefully consider the choice of shoes: it must be soft and elastic. It is best if you use a running shoe, which is provided with an insole arch support. This will run at evenly distribute the load on the surface of the foot and will prevent spine injuries.


Learn and master the technique of jogging. It is a lot like walking sport. At the moment of contact of the foot with the foot cover is placed on the heel, then smoothly rolls in contact with the ground across its surface. The foot in contact with the ground is completely relaxed. Makhovaia leg bent at the knee and gently straightened after the repulsion from the surface. When jogging hands make more intensive swinging motion than when walking.


Pay attention to breathing techniques while runningjogging. Do you need to breathe in the nose, and exhale - mouth. Try to breath free and deep. Cycle "take a breath" to be performed for four cross-country move. It is believed that if the jogging you can speak quite freely, the load is chosen optimally.


Every treadmill workout starts with a lighta five-minute warm-up. Some exercises to develop flexibility and joint mobility to help the body adapt to stress, and will save the upcoming muscles from stretching.


Treat classes jogging with allseriously. Plan the time and place of training, schedule the training. Keep a journal in which to record the time and duration of a cross-country training.


Fits into the diary data on wellbeingand physiological indicators. Amateur athletes will be enough to monitor your heart rate before, during and after exercise, as well as to measure the time on the clock pulse recovery to the initial level. As the fitness you will notice how your athletic shape and physiological parameters will improve.

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