How to jog

How to jog</a>

Jogging is a universal and accessible at any age health sport.

It does not require special training, expensive equipment and special trails.

Everyone who aspires to lead a healthy life and who cares about maintaining active longevity can master jogging.

You will need

  • - sportswear and footwear-
  • - A clock or a stopwatch.



Assess the level of your physical fitness forI jog. If you suffer from serious heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, then any run can be contraindicated to you. You also need to refrain from running jogging if you are experiencing a period of worsening colds. It is best to consult a doctor beforehand so as not to harm the body.


Choose suitable for running equipment. The choice of clothes and shoes is determined by their convenience and the nature of the weather outside the window. It is advisable to take a closer look at the choice of shoes: it should be soft and elastic. It is best if you use running shoes, the insole of which is provided with a supinator. This will allow you to evenly distribute the load on the foot surface when running and protect from the spinal injuries.


Learn and learn the technique of jogging. It in many ways resembles sport walking. At the time of contact with the foot, the foot is placed on the heel, and then smoothly rolled, touching the ground with its entire surface. The foot is completely relaxed when it comes in contact with the ground. The swinging leg is bent at the knee joint and slightly straightened after repulsion from the surface. When jogging, the hands perform more intense fluttering movements than when walking.


Pay attention to the breathing technique when runningJogging. Take a breath with your nose, and breathe out your breath with your mouth. Try to keep your breathing free and deep. The "inhale-exhale" cycle must be performed in four running steps. It is generally believed that if you can freely talk while jogging, the load is chosen in the optimal way.


Begin each running exercise with a lightFive-minute workout. Several exercises for the development of flexibility and mobility of the joints will help the body to adapt to the forthcoming load and protect muscles from stretching.


Treat jogging with allSeriousness. Plan the time and place of training, make a schedule. Create a diary in which you will record the time and duration of cross-country training.


Enter information about your health in the diaryAnd physiological indicators. The amateur athlete will have enough control over the heart rate before, during and after the load, and also measures the time to restore the pulse to the initial level by the hour. As you train, you will notice how your athletic form and physiological parameters will improve.

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