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How does sounder

How does the sonar

Sounder - a device, also known under the names of sonar and sonar.

Created initially for the detection of submarines, today it helps fishermen to look for places that are rich booty, and lets not delayed unnecessarily in places where there are no fish.



Sonar work based on the usesound wave. It is born in the sonar transmitter, and then goes in the direction of the pond bottom. Reaching the bottom of the sound wave returns to the surface, where it picks up the receiver sonar.


Reflection of sound waves in the receiver turnselectrical signal, whereby the display sonar image appears. The longer posted by the sound came back, the deeper the water facility is located. The exact distance to the subject helps define the sound wave characteristic: the speed of its movement under the water is always the same and is about 1400 m / s. Thus, the time spent by the sound wave on the path to the bottom of the pond or other object back to the surface and is converted into distance which is overcome.


Every second new sonar sends sound wavesIt is doing so with great intensity, which allows not only to obtain information on stationary objects, but also floating in the available for sonar fish zone. The viewing angle may vary depending on the type of sonar: in some models can achieve an angle of 90 degrees, while others only 10-20.


sound wave frequency can also vary,but most sonar it is about 200 kHz. Fish does not react to the sound made sonar because the sound does not hear - as a person. Because of this, you can easily look for fishing spots in the water, not being afraid to scare away all the local inhabitants.


The clarity of the image on the display sonar, the presence ofsmall parts depends on the power of the transmitter unit. The higher it is, the more chances to find the correct object in the clogging of the pond or in deep water. An important role is played by another sonar component - converter. It must be converted into an electrical pulse, even the faint echo reflected from the bottom of the deep waters.

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