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How does multivarka

How does multivarka

Recently Multivarki won great fame in the commodities market.

Food cooked in this kitchen appliance, compares favorably with the taste and the volume of stored nutrients from the one that was prepared on a gas or electric stove.

Types multivarok

Modern Multivarki available in 2 types. First - Multivarki with cooker function, which are prepared under pressure from food. The temperature inside these devices reaches 120 ° C, which facilitates rapid cooking. The design is robust and its strength. Second - Multivarki, vented through a special valve. Their operating principle is similar to the work kashevarok.

Components Multivarki

The composition of any model Multivarki includes:
- The main body (made of plastic or stainless steel), it is located on the control panel programmami-
- Removable bowl, which can be ceramic or Teflon pokrytiem-
- Hermetically sealed lid with safety klapanom-
- sealing
- The capacity for collecting condensate.

Regarding spaciousness Multivarki bowl, it may be from 2.5 liters or more. Sizing depends in most cases on family size.

Often bundled with the device are the following accessories:
- book of recipes-
- Dimensional stakanchik-
- Plastic lopatka-
- Jars for cooking yogurta-
- Grille for frityura-
- Container for steam cooking, and others.

Principle of operation

In multivarka under the bowl has a heaterinduction heater which provides uniform heating of the entire bowl surface. That it reduces the cooking time compared with a conventional method. This serves the same purpose and the heater in the cover of the device.
Intelligent microprocessor Multivarkicontrols temperature and pressure within the device, the volume of the liquid evaporable adjusts the cooking time depending on the loaded mass ingredients.
Usually operation Multivarki no difficultyoccurs. First you need to fill the cup of the products necessary for the preparation of selected dishes. Their number is limited to maximum fill mark on the sidewall. By placing the bowl in the device, you need to close the lid and select the appropriate mode for this dish. This can be done using the cookbook that goes in the kit.


Multivarka provides an opportunity to preparea variety of dishes: soups, main dishes, desserts and even baking. It can work in the following modes: braising, porridge, steaming, yogurt, cereals and other cooking.

Most modern models multivarok has automatic heating function, which allows you to keep cooked food warm in a long time.

A convenient feature is the "delayed start" when cooking dishes selected from the menu starts at a specified interval.

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